Come on, hit it doc!

Even the sadistic ex-Nazi physician we call the Medic appears to have qualms over severing the hand of his teammate…

Nice, good posing, great lighting. Good to see something that is not generic. This is something that deserves an artistic. Real effort, not just a badly posed ragdoll standing on one side of the screen.

because he simply cant D: teammates cant hurt each other due to friendly fire disabled

I dont really get this trend of serious tf2 poses. Tf2 isn’t a serious game :confused:

Nice picture though :slight_smile:

The engineer shouldn’t be awake during this process.
Oh, that’s gonna hurt.

Love the shading.

Lacks focus.


That’s pretty much what you have done as well. You’ve done three poses (of what I can see, I don’t know if you’re an alt) which of two of them has been poses off to the side.

I think it’s safe to say after four months, we’re all sick and tired of those.