"Come on men, there is no time to waste" The Doc leading some Nazi Zomie hunters



He looks like the medic from tf2, atleast in the face.

Reminds me of the new Wolfenstein.

Are the textures really that bad in World at War? Or have they deteriorated when they were ported or something?

Can you tell me where you get those models?
Couldn’t find them with search.

And nice posing btw.

The CoD4 engine relies a lot more on shaders than the source engine does. That’s why it looks rather bad.

Nice picture btw, could be better if you did some sort of editing though.


They’re not released yet :v:

Also that is just sexy Hunter. Makes me wanna play Waw :downs:
And no, you’re not getting my sister. :fuckyou:

We’ll see about that, thanks for all the cmments guys

WaW apparently uses those detail textures, where it kinda overlays a high resolution fabric texture over the base texture, so it looks detailed when y you look at it up close.

Where are those weapon models from? The big ones look like a mix between Fallout 3 and Zeno Clash.

Also WaW.


Hunter didn’t use mat_picmip -10, which makes it so the engine doesn’t’ lower the texture detail.

Who told you that >.>

Agh! Clipping on some fingers.

Dude reminds ME of Ron Perlman.

Exactly what i was thinking.

Info on the big guns please :slight_smile: Are they in WaW aswell? I only found the little lasergun :stuck_out_tongue:

The Wunderwaffe D-2 A tesla gun made by the doctor in the picture, used as a torture device, also good for killing zombies, and yes, its in WaW

Are you serious :o? Was this a real weapon?!
Is it only possible to get in the Nazi Zombies?

You can only get it on the new zombie map from the mystery box.