Come on my server and have LOTS OF RP FUN!

Okay first 2 people get Admin, the server was just started so give it some time to get better, but anyway yea, heres the IP


Map - EvoCity2

Slots - 23

Tickrate - 30

I’m fixing the 700 dls.

I’m not in the mood to come on your server.

Mabye post more info on your server?

Holy shit, 750 files to download.
EDIT: Slowest download speeds ever
EDIT: At least he tries to make his server more enjoyable by removing the files.

Checklist to a shitty server:

Server Topic: “Come on my server and have LOTS OF RP FUN!”
Dark RP
[Y] Buy Admin
Bad Grammar
Little Kids
Shit Admins
[NOTE] Admin MAY or MAY NOT be purchasable. However, shitty methods are still used.
Your Score: F
Your server is the scourge of Facepunch. Nobody likes you. Go away.

^It’s sad that two servers in one day apply to this same “F” grade…

If you give admin to the first two players, no info about the server like tickrate, slots, network. Then i’ll say no and :frog:

Found an exploit, currently noclipping around the map.
Might want to fix that.

EDIT: Hes fixing the problem now

There’s a subforum for server-advertisements, no?

Please post more information on your server, Thanks.