"Come on, tough guy. Let's see what you got." Nick taunting an infected



Original requested


Nothing wrong with the picture.


I personally find there’s too much empty space on the left compared to nick and an infected almost squished on the right… But the pic is pretty awesome indeed!

A lot of empty space to the left, but I suppose it kind of works.

Awsome! Tho maybe nick should be more to the left, but its still great.

It is good but the empty space is ridiculous.

Original, please? Thank you :-*

Great picture btw, just his head seems a bit big, or hands small, can’t tell.

the emptiness was what i was going for.


updated OP


Thank you. And the emptiness and whole composition is artistic. Shut up.

why so negative space?

He looks crazy…

no son THIS is crazy


whats funny is this looks like something nick WOULD do

whats funny is that you QUOTED the first post.