Come out Dovahkiin, I can smell you!

Scenebuild using the mats tutorial from Bourbon.

Two versions & two slightly different angles.

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Oh man, just realized, i should totally do a 3d GIF of this since i saved it.

I really like that second one. Good job.

Pleasure for my eyes. Beautiful.

i dont think it would fit
better idea would be to have the dragons head move around slowly in a seamless loop

Psh, he’s got a Daedric bow. With the right enchantments, he only has to draw the thing like three times before that dragon is a soulless pile of incredibly heavy bone.

So like, camera stays still but the dragons head rotates from left to right in a loop?

Love the second one, it’s fantastic.

It also absolutely catches the thrill of stealth in Skyrim. I almost can hear that dragon say something like “must’ve been nothing” and forget about most of Dragonborn’s body sticking out.

Very excellent work, I love the lighting and scenebuilds.