Come play Rust the way it was meant to be played. No hand outs just survival of the fittest on amazing community server

Hello guys, wanted to tell you about our new server named:

“(US) Official PVP/Sleepers/Noob f”
It is 250 slot server located in NYC

Just wanted to point some people in the direction of our fairly new Rust server. It’s actively admin’d, and we welcome all players new and vets alike. PVP is enabled, as well as sleepers, so watch who you trust!

We intend to keep wipes as infrequent as possible, unless a patch makes that impossible / grossly unbalanced.

And for those of you who have been kicked around by power tripping admins, you’ve found a new place to call home. No godmode, teleporting, spawning in weapons, armor, etc., or other abuses are tolerated. We are trying to keep the server original and let it evolve by itself in any direction players choose to take it. Admins don’t have any advantage at all and can be killed and raided like any other player.

We have a solid user base of around 40 players at the moment but its very community oriented server. People know who top clans us and they are actively recruiting new members if you don’t have anybody to play with. We also have a merchant guild named RagTags that is neutral and just does resource gathering and trading with other players but doesn’t try to rip them off because they will come after you too!!!

You can either find it or type this when you open the game and press F1 and type net.connect

Thanks for reading this guys :slight_smile: