Come Play With the Professors!

We would love to build a community on our server of teams and encourage raids/gunfights etc etc… We have played on a ton of servers and the population dies out after a little while because no real teams play on the servers, a bunch of individuals that get rekt within the first couple hours. We currently play on a server called Flair eSports, the server is planning on doing a wipe once every 2 weeks. Airdrops will be secluded to once a day when the population peaks. Currently theres a few teams playing on the server and they are respectable and enjoy raiding/can handle being raided. Either way were tired of people getting raided and leaving the server right away, so we plan on having the server kept up to date and keeping explosives rare as opposed to doing 25 airdrops a day and having abusive admins. The only admins are people who dont play, they are on all hours and can be contacted if anyone is cheating on the server. Would love for people to come and play!


Put that in your console and play it

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Professors of what?