Come tell me what you think about the sound in Rust!

Hey guys! I got hired a couple weeks back to start working on sound and music for Rust, and today is my first official day. Yay!

Right now I’m working on cataloging the existing sounds and listing the sounds that still need to be made, and I thought it’d be a good idea to ask the community what they think of the current sounds to help figure out what needs some love first.

If you could answer a few questions for me really quick you’d be awesome…

  1. What’s your favorite sound in the game right now?
  2. What’s your least favorite sound in the game right now?
  3. What’s your favorite thing about Rust’s sound in general right now?
  4. What do you wish were different about the sound in Rust?

Feel free to share any thoughts that don’t fit one of those questions too :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Congratulations! I’m very fond of the firearms sounds myself, but I think it’d be kinda neat to expand on movement sounds, regarding slow movement/crouching, and the way the player as well as the surrounding players hear them.

Best of luck to you in your work! :slight_smile:

Congrat’s for your job :slight_smile:

Metal tool (hatchet) when smack on wood sound like Metal on Metal… really anoying sound.

Congrats, and slightly a broad answer but more localized environmental sound and effects required.

Dampened sounds in snow biome
Rustling of leaves in forest
Wind gust sounds once in awhile
Birds chirping from tree sounds
Crickets at night
Frog sounds near the inner pond/lake edges.

Also difference in sound volume and type for barefoot versus shoes on materials.

First off let me give some background:

I’M an Audiophile/Videophile

I play on a separate component home theater. and of course a preamp processor too.
I have the usual Massive full range speaker system, twin 15" subs… etc etc
Basically i hear everything, including flaws in crystal clarity, in a very high dynamic range.
I also did all the ISF calibrations on my monitor and theater.
The Computer is set to 24 bit@192000hz and outputs raw data through a HDMI cable to the preamp.

First Most importantly:

PLEASE! get some sort of true surround sound set up to master the game audio!!, headsets are nifty, but hold no candle to a real theater.
So test with both please! Heck im sure if you let Emotiva know who you are, And what you’re up to, They might give you a really good deal or free system to test on, its good advertisement for them and good end result for us players.

EDIT:For kicks, Hans Zimmer´s Studio

So as you can see sound/video is very important to me, now on to the game itself.

Right now the game sound as you know is bad, but just a placeholder im sure., so lets get a few more details.

Volume Mixing:

First off the volume difference/balance is jarring between sounds, Even with my preamp set to Maximum volume leveling its ear splitting hitting something in first person… if i turn it up enough to hear other sounds such as footsteps.

Sound Sample Quality:

Right now the sound samples are low quality, not nearly as obvious when i switch to my headset, but on the theater its painfully obvious, You can hear the pop/blip at the beginning and end of the sound samples.

Some sounds such as the Salvaged Axe are headache inducing, i’d suggest softening up allot of the sounds.t
The reason being, if you only hear the sounds for a minute its not so bad, but after hours and hours it really gets Ear gratingly bad.

In summary for sound quality and leveling, Soften up the sounds, use higher quality samples, and balance out the volume.

Next, Positional audio:

Right now even with 7.2 surround sound, direction and distance are a semi guessing game. But i suspect you already know this, so i won’t say much here other then please look into it.
I should be able to locate players by sound with my eyes closed, and thats not something new to gaming, i’ve been doing it for over a decade.

thats it for now.

Some ambient sounds would a nice touch during the running simulator times. Like stated above.

My least favorite sounds right now would have to be the gun sounds.

  • 5.56 Bolt Action sounds like a Bushmaster Tank mounted 35mm cannon (Should be more of a “Tink” sound rather then a “KaBOOM” sound) (The current sound would be good if the caliber was a 30-06(7mm mag) or above))
  • Shotgun sounds like an Airsoft gun with a suppressor attachment.
    All the other guns I have not shot a lot so I cannot give a reliable opinion on them, but the two guns above are used the most and should be fixed.

My favorite sound would have to be the “You hit your target” sound. It really sounds like someone just stepped into a bucket of dry-leaves mixed with oatmeal (crunchy, yet squishy + good for your cholesterol). I LOVE IT!

To be honest i am not impressed by any of the sounds in game ATM. they are to generic, sort of like an 80s midi track nothing stands out, if you get what i mean, the sounds at the moment seem dead. i am using a Turtle beach headset,

It could be that the atmospheric environment sounds are not in so the sound effects stand out but not in a good way.

Congrats on the new Job :slight_smile:

Add the headshot sound from legacy, was awesome hearing that splat when u got a nice hs!

Favorite sound: the cracking headshot sound i get with melee weapons
Least favorite: Footsteps, lack of human footsteps, that is…

Metal hatchet sound is definitely up there for least favorite. The knocking sound is really cheap in the alpha, and I’m also not a fan of the BAR sound. Nothing else really jumps out at me atm but the stone hatchet sound isn’t bad to me. Footsteps are fine. Another big thing is the sound effects in the main menu are WAY too loud compared to the rest of the games sound volume.

Thank you for creating this thread! I’m someone who really pays attention to this kind of stuff. I have a very musical ear and very much enjoy a sound-rich environment. I’m happy that someone can dedicate their time to handle this aspect of the game specifically. Good luck! And here we go…

1. Favorite sound = can’t say any of the current sounds blows my mind, but I’m fond of the campfire noise
2. Most hated sound = deer / animal footsteps. They sound like nothing I have heard in my life… too artificial. Like coconuts being slammed on concrete.
3. Favorite thing about Rust sound = sadly, Rust sound is too lacking to have a “favorite” aspect
4. Wishlist:

- Ambient sounds. Rust NEEDS ambience! I’m talking about birds and bugs while you walk in a forest, the sound of wind brushing the grass when you walk through plains, the sound of waves crashing at the shore when you are near the ocean, a chilling wind loop when you are at the north pole of the island (snow). I posted a long-forgotten thread about this on the “suggestions” section of this forum a good while back. It’s just frustrating to run around through such beautiful landscapes hearing only your footsteps and that strange hammering sound.
I have given this some thought on mentioned thread, and, in short, I believe some sounds could be added as looping sound objects attached to in-game objects, like trees (i.e. 4% of all trees generated in forests have a random foresty sound object attached), while other sounds, like wind loops, could be client-based, fading in once your character is walking for a while at plains, or when he is above a certain altitude (howling winds at mountaintops), or when he’s near the shore (water sounds).
- Splash sounds when players walk with their feet underwater, or jump into the water.
- Specific sounds near the “remnants”, like the huge antenna, the lighthouse and the upcoming ones. Could be anything from an electrical humming, to computer-ish noises.
- Animal sounds: wolfs howling at the moon, bears roaring randomly, boars doing… whatever boars do. If would be really cool to hear wolves howling at a distance, lurking in the shadows.
- Player (Rust guy) sounds: arguably unnecessary, but it is an idea I’d like to share as well. Would be cool to hear him grunt when he’s hit or mauled by a wolf, or pant / breathe heavily after a long sprint, or a short scream / last breath or any other morbid sound when he dies.
- Dynamic ambient music: legacy Rust had that generic music which added a nice twist, even though it got old pretty fast. But since we have many new procedurally generated spots of interest, it could maybe be possible to add an “event zone”, during the procedural generation of these spots, that triggers a more tense background music when the player, for instance, enters a cave, a remnant (like the lighthouse) or even the house of someone who’s not his friend. Also, slightly more tense music should be played when the player is attacked by someone or something. Would add a nice thrill to the game.
I’m not talking about “combat music” or anything like this, but something similar to the legacy Rust suspense theme. Maybe even the same song that plays at the main menu, while we look at the blue crystal.

I think that’s it… thanks for taking your time to get to know the community’s ideas!!:smile:

Per the remanents., Dr. R: Creaks and metal stressing groans with high pitched squeels from wind funneling around it. Think Farcry 3 Radio towers would be a good example.

Lots of good stuff in here so far guys. Thanks. Keep it coming!

Not sure if just me, but I find that the new airdrop plane sound seems like its from an older prop driven plane? As in the sound doesn’t match the type of plane (which to me is a C-130). Still prop driven but should be more modern sounding.

In legacy the sound matched better. I dunno, might just be me being OCD but to see a plane called in and the associated contrails (that make one think of Speed) then actually hearing it sounding like it is chugging along slowly like a WW2 bomber just doesn’t seem to match up.

In terms of in game events, Airdrops are an exciting feature (and so far the only one) so the associated sound effects should add to the excitement.

Ambient Sounds

As some of the guys have said above, heaps of ambient sounds such as:

  • Airdrop parachutes ruffling around in the wind or a thump when the cargo hits ground

  • Howling winds,

  • In wide open spaces gunshots (and other ‘hits’) should echo more so than other areas

  • Animal noises

  • Something I think would be cool would be a range of sounds for the relic/abandoned areas. Think of the X-18 lab in S.T.A.L.K.E.R and you will know what I’m talking about. Still can’t go down there without getting seriously unsettled.

  • Screams that Echo around when players are murdered or can be heard by players within a certain radius. Would add an interesting dynamic when players know there are people being slaughtered near by.

Basically anything that adds more to the sense of desolation/abandonment one feels when playing Rust would be great

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head!

The Jaws theme when a PVP naked approaches.

sounds that help to know your current situation.
the roar of the stomach that exposes the hunger of a player or yourself. LoL
sounds thirsty person
when you shoot has to sound different if it hits a target
troubled breathing (it was mentioned above)
sounds a rattlesnake in the desert
deverian characters lament ailments or when they are wounded in battle
when you have cold, babbling or tamblar teeth

congratulations on the job and thanks for integrating the community.

Personally, what I would really like first would be some atmospheric sounds, ambient noise, wind whistling through trees, birds singing at dawn, crickets in the evening, the occasional wolf cry in the distance, water / shore sounds near water, rustling in the forests, etc. Anything to make the atmosphere feel little less “sterile” than it currently is, and to aid “immersion” into the game.

Edit: On a side note, like most people, I use the sun for navigation. If you login during dawn or dusk, it can be quite hard to tell which is which, and if the sun is pointing East or West. If we had a different atmospheric sound for each, (birdsong at dawn, crickets at dusk), it would be instantly obvious which is which, and therefore, which way the sun is pointing…

I wasn’t going to mention ambient noise, because its obvious that it will be added, but your idea for the birds and crickets is FANTASTIC!

while i’m at it (making a post), As in real life you should hear the bullet impact BEFORE you hear the gunshot… if a gun is fired at you from a distance.

Did some solid field recording today :slight_smile:

I love the crickets at dusk birds at dawn idea!

@Tevax, things like that might be a bit more difficult. I don’t think the stock unity audio engine will make realistically modeling the speed sound travels at or how it changes over distances/around corners very easy, but I would love to find a way to do it. My first objective is getting solid basic sound in the game though so don’t be disappointed if the fancy stuff like realistic echos in open spaces doesn’t happen any time soon haha.

hey, no worries, there are many basic things that i’m sure you’re working on that are far more important right now.

just keep notes :slight_smile: