[Comedy] 3 Minutes of well... THAT

This is a movie me and a friend made with Garrys Mod. It hasn’t got many views so were hoping that if we post it here, we will get some feedback.


I’m not surprised it didn’t get any views…

I’m sorry but once I saw the humping all I could say was “Get the fuck out”

Ok, thanks.

I agree with that actually. The humping parts are well… a bit sick and not very funny. It was very fun to make but I guess that some parts just aren’t as fun to watch.

We will probly revise this soon. We will make sure the humping scenes are Cut Down\removed. Let me know which parts you do/don’t like and we will work on replacing the ones which you don’t.

Thanks again.

  • Kaedroho

Might also want to look into disabling HUD next time. Maybe even find more voice actors if you can. Also, that fraps watermark doesn’t do any favors.

Photoshop the monitor better, get rid of HUD (cl_drawhud 0) and FRAPS logo (see: Source Recorder), sex poses ruined whole video, don’t use gm_flatgrass or gm_construct for comedy videos, and make sure no one can see the thruster cans next time. I probably covered half of the mistakes, but that’s a good start.

ComradeT, CaLeB-. Thanks a lot for all your feedback! :slight_smile:

Me and my friend will start shooting a new video this Sunday. We will move all the clips which don’t contain sex poses to the new video and delete the old one.

The thruster cans are rather annoying. Is there any way to hide them?

We will look into Source Recorder. But I’ve been planning on getting the full version of fraps (As I do game development). I’m guessing that Source Recorder is for Source Engine only, or can it run with any DirectX based game engine?

A big thanks to both of you for helping us with the HUD. We saw that as a huge problem because most of the films required the physgun to be used while shooting the film through a separate camera.

And again, thankyou to everyone who posted useful comments!

You make the thruster cans invisible by using the color stool and setting the transparency to 0.

Ok, we will try that. Thanks.

Source Recorder only works in source games. Though some other games have their own recorders (some of them). Source Recorder is really good if Fraps makes you lag in certain maps. It’s a little difficult to use at first but once you learn how to use it, it can be a good video companion.


We have now taken the video down from youtube. We will upload a much better quality version with absolutely NO Sex scenes soon.

  • Karl and Jess