Comeplete rp gamemode


I am looking for a coder to code a rp game mode based on dark rp or cider rp what ever you think is better

I would need alot done like job’s, content, inventor mod, and more

If you can help me with this please add me on steam

And yes i will pay (paypal only please)

Contact via steam please or email

steam: kmanderson62


Thanks for reading

Whats wrong with the current RP mods?

There are more than enough rp mods out there, please don’t make another one

Not a complete new one. A server based on a current rp mod just with difrent things.

IT’s still completely unoriginal, scroll down the steam server list for garry’s mod and look for “custom” rp, which is why everyone hates on people who call darkrp their own gamemode when they added 2 classes and custom money printers

Exactly. Alot of servers use Dark rp etc. im wantiing a premade rp thats not used alot

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Got one


0_0 I mean rp in general