Comet-Like Effect

I’m not that good at effects and how exactly to make them work. So right now I’m a bit stuck on what to do next.
I’m trying to achieve an effect like the ones in the picture below. I have already made an animated sprite trail which works pretty good, and I think the small smoke puffs and stars would be easy with a parented emitter. But what I can’t really find the right way to do is to create the outgoing ‘head’ of this effect, as well as how to get those rings. A point in the right direction would help greatly :smiley:

i’ve seen warcraft 3 spell files, and they use models than just sprites for that kind of stuff

You’re trying to make this fly across the skybox? Or appear on the map?

Quite a few games use models instead of sprites for base effects then maybe lighten them up a bit. Even Half-Life 2 uses a model for the AR2 Alt-Fire with a sprite on top for “glow” / hit effects.

For something like this, take a look at ParticleEmitter and the use 3D [ second ] argument. You can have the sprite face a different direction than always facing the camera by using it so I think it’d help with the rings.

Then you could have ( looking from the rear ) something like, imagine ( ) = full circle and + could be the comet tail; you could use 1 sprite for it, or 2 to make a cross or more ( * ) depending if you use 3D on that one too: (+)

For the bright spot ( s ) you could use a standard light sprite ( “sprites/light_ignorez” ) stretched out depending on which one. For the stars you can use a colored star sprite and for the bright spot use the same “light” sprite as white in the center.

There is a “lot” going on if you separate the things out; but if you separate them out you can work on each individual component ( either in the same effect or in different effects ) and have them work together in the final effect. Hopefully this helps.