Comfort your friends.

Sequal to “Combine’s Final Day”. He wakes up at a hospital.

Wow this is the best one so far!

Please just stop.

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Don’t stop.
I like this.

OMG. I just cant wait till this movie comes out

Congratulations! You have achieved the incredibly hard to achieve seal of 50 dumb videos in a row!
Your prize is…




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10 vids.

uuh… there okay but they could be better

Why? :frown: Are you trolling?

Keep trying, you’ll get better.

[sp]Just kidding[/sp]

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No, but half of FP thinks so.

You are all quite out of your debts.

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Out of our debts? What’s that supposed to mean? My house is paid off?

Fuck off, noone wants you here, your videos are terrible.

“Here. I gave you a present”
“Thanks pal. … Wait… this is a grena-- BOOM

I liked that part, but it needed to be done better.

I cried.

You made the ragdolls move pretty nicely.


I can’t tell if this was intentionally hilarious or not.

I don’t get why others are voting this video dumb. I mean, it looks fine to me…

It’s sweet.

I personally thought it was terrible. It was very poorly thought out, and the joke execution was just complete and utter crap. Nothing a little effort couldn’t improve, but you definitely did not show that you made an effort to make this look good.