(Comic) Apostasy: Part 1 - By Brashfink

Here’s some possible nostalgia-fuel for you. This comic was evidently super popular back in the day due to no one having the common sense on creating a comic with a fairly decent layout. The comic was so popular, it was featured on G4’s Attack of the Show.

The comic is created by Brashfink, a father with a daughter who’s probably my age now, and a former employee of a comic book store or something. Yes, I have a solid memory.

Since Brashfink has up and probably left the internet forever, I thought I might post this FOR YOU (you’re welcome).

This is the only part I could find since the PHW site is offline (yay) and most of the work posted there are gone (partially sad). Too bad no one wants to post their work on a site that isn’t bound for death.

I found this by searching up Apostasy in Google. I remembered when the comic was first uploaded onto gaming sites, but after Brashfink was “hired” to post his works on PHW, most of his works were exclusive to that now-dead site.

I still want the former comic makers to post their old work (totally serious).

I went looking for Pyren’s Subject 23 a few years ago and couldn’t find it for the life of me. With imagehosts dying and hard drive failing, some things can really easily be lost to time. :’(

The only and huge mistake almost everyone made is that no one uploaded their crap onto DeviantArt. Sure, the community’s fetishes are…exotic, but the site allows your stuff to stay on there for years. Even though no one expected Clements to fuck his entire site up (lol), you always need a Plan B to Z.

Still trying to find traces of Afro Zombie by L0k1 (I think that was by him) and Alpha Squad by Shazbot.

thank you

This would be fantastic, not because of the literary or artistic merit of the comic(lol), but rather it would give some context to the much superior Beta Squad comic.

(p.s. the beta squad parody comic is my favorite parody comic)

Lost about 50 of my comics when my old computer died, and facepunch stopped archiving the comic section 2 years ago.

This was THE comic that inspired me, back in the day, to pursue Gmod comic making. This demonstrated the potential that Gmod had to be quite a medium for entertainment. If it weren’t for Apostasy or Popwar’s Running on Empty, I would have never started Beyond Borders.

Also, PHW was an OK place. Some of the more insecure posters, back in the day, made stupid drama over the place because they had problems dealing with criticism. Comic making was almost exclusive, especially decent comics, because the Gmod potential was just being tapped. So I’m glad PHW existed and it took a lot to feel “accepted” with the top dogs.

Shazbot, again back in the day, was a pretty decent editor. I mean, no one really knew any better so go figure, and the man had an unhealthy fascination with his sister and had an ego so big it’d blot out the sun every moment he woke. Still, regardless of how he was years ago, I still would like to see his comics around again. At least it was a pleasure to look at his work. Especially if you were an enthusiastic, would-be comic maker.

Good times man.

Oh yes, this comic inspired a good deal of us.

I wonder whatever happened to shazbot. Does anyone have his work saved?

This was one of the first Garry’s Mod comics I ever read that had a serious storyline and (to me, so many years ago) a professional look. PHW was a gold mine back in the day.

A lot of Photoshop stuff back then impressed me. Like when Shazbot took a simple pose with a CT model whose eyes were practically painted on and made those eyes fucking look at something to the model’s left. Seeing that blew my mind.

Back in the day when you were limited in what you had to work with, so you had to be damn good with photoshop, or be very creative with telling the story.


I’ll try to hunt this down, it might be possible to find a surviving upload!

I think this was technically xXSlipnotikusXx’s first comic lmao

hooooly shit i remember this

Oh my gosh, I remember this. But what I don’t remember is how terrible the posing was hahaha. Oh the good old days…

Well well well… a little spy told me about this thread. Howdy everyone.

I still have the comics… I’ll will see about putting up a dropbox or SugarSync public share of them.

Hoollee shitt

Wow, that’d be awesome.

Here is a little sample of something I have been toying with recently using a program called Daz3D…


Oh god I remember reading that comic a while back

pretty badass, I loved it

holy fucking shit i miss this

I still for the life of me will never understand how the old watermark worked.

I love you for reuploading this. Love you.

I’ve made, like, twenty comics in the span of four years and none was good enough to be any memorable, but I only tried my hand at comic making because this and Concerned got me to. I sure do miss lurking around the good PHW when BrashFink, Jeff and all were doing their stuff. The Golden Age of GMod comics, in my opinion.