Comic Brainstorm: "Shattered Stars: Battle For Sol"

Hello there everyone! Now I’m afraid I have merely lurked her and haven’t really contributed much, if anything at all. I felt it was time to finally do that. Unfortunately… I have hit sort of a wall, you see. I’m planning on making a comic and I have a few good ideas, but I have never made a comic in Garrysmod before… so I haven’t the faintest idea how to get started on the right track. So I’ve decided to ask you, those who have taken to reading this post to give me some ideas, feedback and suggestions on how to get this comic rolling!

Shattered stars will first and foremost be a space opera with a large ensemble of characters against a backdrop of a Galaxy in the throes of war and turmoil.

–The Main Story–
The story i have decided to work on is a bit rough, but so far the idea is as follows.

The Milky Way galaxy in the 30th century of humanity, and it knows only conflict. In the time since the first human civilizations first broke away from their Earthen roots to form independent states, Earth has enjoyed almost two hundred years of uninterrupted peace. Governed by the United Galactic Alliance since the first colonies were established outside of the Solar system. Eventually, these colonies, by violence or by peace managed to break away from their UGA ties and form independent nations. One of these nations grew large enough to rival the UGA… they became known as the Galactic Sphere Federation. Seeking to wipe out the UGA and claim Sol under their own empire… the GSF ended the two hundred years of peace with an attack on what few remaining systems the UGA had control of. Their attack was swift, and unexpected.

Caught off guard… the UGA had precious little time to respond… taken by surprise at the sheer firepower of their navy, and the swiftness of their planet born military. Thus began the battle for the Sol sector, the home sector of the UGA, ten systems, ten chances to repel the GSF. Outnumbered and outgunned, the UGA turns to the men and women of their army defend their home from total invasion. Secretly, the UGA also deploys a special forces unit, consisting of four men… with the fate of the Sol sector hanging in the balance, can this four man team prevent certain doom? or will failure lead to the end of the UGA’s prosperity for all time? Find out in: Shattered stars!

–The Plot–
The plot centers around the four man team, more commonly known as The Marcus Marauders. An elite special forces unit tasked with some of the most dangerous missions the UGA has ever given to it’s military. The plot will follow the team leader, James Marcus as he leads his mean in the fight to save their home from total annihilation and the Sol system from being conquered by the Galactic Sphere Federation. They will be taken from one end of the galaxy to another, meet alien species, new friends and new enemies in their quest which will take them from the darkness of space to the battlefields on each world they encounter. Each issue of the comic will have sort of an episodic feel, with some comics having an overarching story into other issues in the plot line.

–The Characters–
In Shattered stars we’ll encounter a variety of characters, both recurring and otherwise! The main Characters, important plot characters are as follows:

Cmdr. James Marcus - Marcus Marauders team leader who has had a distinguished service record. But has a very dark past where some of his records are entirely classified, even some of his personal information is unavailable to high ranks.

Lt. William “Wiley” Tuscon - Second in command to James and his best friend since their days in boot camp. Wiley is regarded as insufferably positive at times but is found to be a great morale booster, he almost left he UGA when he lost his little sister on home colony when the GSF invaded it. Wiley is an accomplished space and atmospheric pilot.

Lt. John “Doc” Merrill - The team’s field medic and the oldest member. Often goes by Doc or Merrill. He is an accomplished surgeon and is well trained for both combat or medical assistance. Though he normally avoids fighting when he can. originally from Earth where he was a head doctor at a Hospital, he joined the war in claiming that he could save lives on the battlefield. Though, some believe he is hiding something about why he really joined.

David “Black Jack” Jackson - The team’s weapons specialist, Jackson is often seen to be quite vulgar and a little on the ill mannered side of things, but is respected by the team for his near inhuman ability to not only use explosives and understand any piece of machinery or electronics he comes across but also his uncanny ability to simply cause mayhem with whatever object he finds a use for.

Garro - A member of the species known as “Aurians” Who sided with the GSF during the invasion. Garro, a soldier in their Aurian army was residing within the Sol sector on leave when the invasion occurred. He has since been arrested and placed in a prison facility at one of Jupiter’s two penal colonies. Marcus reviews his file and asks that he be released into his custody as a subordinate.

Asiska Mihala - A member of a mysterious Species that allied itself with the GSF before the invasion, Asiska rose through the GSF ranks to become a regional commander of the third fleet which spearheaded the invasion. She is known for being pragmatic and quite ruthless.

Sarris - Garro’s elder brother, and a commanding officer in the Aurian ground forces who believes wholeheartedly in the goals of the GSF and seeks to one day ‘enlighten’ his younger brother.

Diggon Margo - A rather funny, alien who the group will meet occasionally, rumored to have been a legendary space pirate, all he is now is simply a cargo pilot with a few special contacts that marcus makes use of from tiem to time.

Taaraa Markalaa - A member of the same species as Asiska. Part of a reistance group within their own government attempting to sabotage GSF efforts in the Sol Sector. She has personal ties to Marcus.

Alex Durgov the 2nd - The leader of the GSF. And the one responsible for the invasion of Sol sector. A very charismatic and powerful leader who believes that the Sol sector rightfully belongs to all humans within the GSF.

Cynthia Durgov - The daughter of Alex who acts as a liaison and vice to her father. She is similar in many ways to her father, but may not be totally committed to his dream of a unified sector government and in fact may have her own goals.

Nathaniel O’Hara Richards - President of the UGA. He wears his responsibility heavy these days, and is rarely seen in public since the invasion started. Though secretly he is working for political means to save his threatened nation.

Erik Lee - An original Terran. Erik is Nathaniel’s Vice President and closest friend, he shows genuine concern for the state of the UGA and is also working publicly to support the war effort among the star systems.

These will be reoccurring and main characters in the comic.


I have many ideas how to implement the plot, story and characters, as well as the story boarding and other various comic making techniques but I am still relatively inexperienced with photo shop and illustrator so any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Now, this will obviously require lots of rag dolls, models and skins… and im also gladly going to accept anyone whose willing to come up with designs for UGA or GSF skins of their own. As for the alien characters, i have already decided that i will use character aliens from mass effect rag dolls and other various games including half life itself.

Also any help or suggestions on improvements/additions to story, plot or characters are quite welcome. At this point i don’t have any screens that are able to be presented, but when i do ill post them in this thread. Thank you for reading, now feel free to leave a comment with your questions or ideas about this comic. Thanks!

I think if you’re a person who likes visual representations better. Then you might want to make some sort of family tree thing with each character and faction with a picture of each just to get a better idea of each character’s position in the story if you get mixed up.
Hell, I need to do that so I can finally start making comics again…

First of all, wow

second of all, I am currently also in the process of making a space comic myself,
and seeing your page here, and how detailed it is and just everything, you have really done a good job at setting it up. I would most certainly like to work with you on something like this, perhaps my idea and yours could take place in the same universes type thing. I have wanted to do something like this for a very long time but hit many walls and continue to struggle with it, but you seem like a great writer and have some really good ideas.

I am a comic maker myself, made quite a few, mostly comedic ones, but wanting to go into more serious ones. Equipped with photoshop i have dangled with space editing and am getting quite good at it (though takes me a few hours to do a single picture) I can do comic layouts, cover pages, speech bubbles etc etc.

All in all i would like to work with you on this maybe as a team :smiley:

send me a PM or post here about that dude.

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Also you have the word Irish in your name, so you might be Irish, and thats good in my book brethen :smiley:

Would you please return with a comic?

Id be glad to have your help! As for being Irish… id hate to disappoint but im only half of what my glorious beer swilling, soccer loving ancestors are. D:

Feel free to add me on steam under my username

Excellent, my Steam is JesterX2000 in case Im not available later