[COMIC] Crime Scene

Hours of editing in Gimp, posing, etc. Appreciate it >:(





BEHIND THE SCENES (AKA how hard the first picture was to edit)





For some reason, the sky in the map was pure white. But the skybox was just a big white room that was colorable like in gm_construct so I made it green and changed it to a realistic sky in gimp 2.

I also had to get rid of the entire tree or there would be little green splotches all over the place. Getting rid of the tree and replacing the erased marks on the buildings was the hardest part.

cheeseburger heh no

I highly doubt this is “hours” of editing. Or posing

Not really hours of posing, but yes. Hours of editing. 11 AM to 12 PM EST to pose. 12 PM EST to 3 PM EST to edit.

Work on your composition and posing.

And what’s with that blurring?

Yeah, I’m not too good with posing.

Also, I put blurring in the background most of the time to make it look like it’s focusing on the objects/people in front.

Why can’t you use sdof?
The blurring in the pictures doesn’t affect focus in any way.

when you make speech bubbles, the order in which the reader should look at each one should go from top to bottom

Actually, in real comics it doesn’t matter as long as it’s left to right and as long as they arn’t in the exact spot but one is up and one is down. One has to be farther to the right than the other.

You should probably do it the way that was more easy to explain.
The way Chesty described that is.


Editing wasn’t the best, especially the blurring out. Joke was alright, but nothing new, seen many jokes about a person killing for an item that normally would be crazy to do in real life. The speechbubbles should be, like others say, in a order that is easy for the reader to follow, or he/she/it might be reading the last speechbubble that was meant to be the last, first… Posing was abit stiff, but overall, a nice attempt.

I can’t find the rating for bad spelling, if I can’t find it I’m going to start dieing!

Why do I always get the urge to climb over police bars?

Ha, yeah I used a bunch of random personal skins cause I couldn’t find any casual models that were hexed. (I suck at hexing)

This should help.


good concept but the detective’s pose seems off, no one would crouch like that

You should spent your time practicing posing. I wouldn’t spent my time painting a car that doesn’t even run properly.