Comic: Customer Served #1

A silly comic (forgive bad effects) for those of us who work in the retail sector…customers are our lifeblood but sometimes you just get that one…

The soldiers were made by Viper123_SWE for the Espionage Wars thread and i believe the Enhanced Citizens are by Bloocobalt so if either of you guys do not want your models featured just say the word and this post is gone. I respect your work and you too much to do anything else. I also apologize for the size of the comic. Lesson learned and future creations, if any, will be scaled down a bit more.

Thank you all for the funny ratings. I was honestly expecting dumbs. Be assured I will learn from the mistakes I made in this and improve so I hope you’ll read any future comics I might create. Thanks again.

The dialog bubbles are weird, make it so it fits around all the text instead of bumping out where a letter goes outside of it.

Or maybe that’s just your style, however it’s a bit annoying to read.

Would have been better if the robber told him where to find the mousepads