[Comic] MADVENTURES - "Breakfast Time"

So, it’s been awhile since i made a comic.

Really had the itch to make something, so here’s my attempt at making a real comic, after god knows how long.
Hoping to do more this time, that is if people like it of course.

Here’s a simple adventure, about a simple man, on a simple trip to the store for some cereal.




Fun Facts:
-Time Travel is dumb, do not do it ever.
-There’s a frame where a dude is suppose to be holding a gun, but i didn’t noticed until editing that the gun is floating behind him. whoops.
-Hitler was a bad man.
-I just noticed a few spelling mistakes fuck.

Tried some cleaner speech bubbles than from what i had in the past, let me know how it looks.

This was absolutely wonderful. Thanks <3

Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t take the cereal?

Amazing as always Madman!

Worth it.

Looks great, the whole editing is very sleek and pleasing. Great job!

Love it and all the crazy shit going on in it!

Haha, fucking brilliant!