Comic Making Tutorials and Comic Lists Version II


Table of Contents

I. Introduction.
II. How to post your comic lists.
III. Comic lists.
IV. User Tutorials.
V. Getting Started.
VI. Other Useful Links.
VII. Things to remember before making a comic.
VIII. Things NOT to say when responding to a comment you don’t like.
IX. The 13 Commandments of comic making.


March 21st, 2009 - Added Changelog, added some extended info under VIII.
March 23rd, 2009 - Added more info into the humor commandment.
March 26th, 2009 - Added CPShArp’s comic list.
April 3rd, 2009 - Added johnT447’s comic list.
April 12th, 2009 - Added Vman’s GIMP editing tutorial to the tutorials list.
April 29th, 2009 - Added info about improving visitation quality in the comics section under the introduction.
May 23rd, 2009 - Added GrimReeper’s comic list.
June 5th, 2009 - Tutorials list cleanup, there should be no dead links there anymore. Let me know if there is.
July 1st, 2009 - Original thread locked due to having over 2000 posts. Made this new one.
July 5th, 2009 - Added all the comic lists from post #2 to post #15 and Bliblix’s Camera angles tutorial.
July 7th, 2009 - Added SaigonTimeMD’s comic list.
July 25th, 2009 - Fixed BBCode.
August 21st, 2009 - Added “Trolls” section under the “Things not to say.” category.
August 22nd, 2009 - Added johnT447’s comic list.
September 20th, 2009 - Link updates.
January 23rd, 2010 - Cleaned up links, etc.
March 7th, 2010 - Fixed the above changelog date to 2010 instead of 2009. Pointless I know ^_______^
July 23rd, 2010 - Added Lt_C’s and The Guv’nor’s comic lists.
September 27th, 2010 - Added R M S 1 3’s High Quality Screenshots In Garry’s Mod tutorial.
September 28th, 2010 - Added Haxxer’s biotic effect tutorial.

This thread was created following «The Joker»'s permabanning. I’m “remaking” a thread similar to his so I can keep this one up to date and such. This thread is going to be very different from the community thread, because it won’t include useless contests and nominations that I feel degrade the newer comic makers. This thread is approved by TH89 and probably Postal. So don’t say things like “We already have this.” Thanks.

06-26-08 Update: AKA thread removal. - Since all the comic lists and some of the tutorials are now gone, please repost them.

04-29-09 Update: Resizing Images. - Since all comics that exceed a certain size are being shrunk by Facepunch, I strongly advise you all to download Facepunch’s Greasemonkey script. It will only work with Firefox though. Once downloaded, go into the “Moar…” menu in the top bar and make sure “Resizable Images” is set to


. This way, you’ll be able to view comics posted here without Facepunch resizing the images, thereby forcing you to view them at their direct url, or otherwise.

07-01-09 Update: Thread purging. - The first thread was purged for having over 2000 posts. Please repost your comic list if you have one.

Layout for Your Post:

This post was last updated on:

Name/Nickname for Comics:


Comic List:

Opinion of latest comic:

Upcoming Comic:


On A Side Note:

Please make sure you post your comics in a way we can access them via this thread, and not just put the name of the comic. It’s for your own good.

[ul]Gor Feri[/ul]
[ul]The Guv’nor[/ul]

GIMP editing tutorial by Vman
[del]How To Make Nesto Flavored Laser Beams![/del]
Gunposing 102 #1: Advanced Firing Stances
[del]Semi-Desaturated SHEFing Tutorial[/del]
[del]Haz-Life’s Comic Tutorial[/del]
[del]Bullets and Blood Tutorial.[/del]
[del]Bliblix’s Camera angles tutorial.[/del]
[del]How to pose an antilion: By Riller.[/del]
REDPill357’s Posing Tutorial
Advanced Posing/Twisting Ragdolls in Gmod 10 by: Combine_dumb
Headswapping without Photoshop in GM10
[del]Comic Template PSD/Hints and Tips, And Photoshop Q&A. By: DaveP[/del]
[del]The Screenshots Forum Megatutorial - By Combine_dumb[/del]
[del]The Facepunch Photoshop Tutorial Megathread.[/del]
[del]-Get_A_Life-'s MUZZLEFLASH tutorial[/del]
The TF2 texture trouble tutorial, by Thefrenchsim
[del]Hayate’s Rain Tutorial[/del]
[del]Poopipoopoo’s Fire Tutorial[/del]
[del]Making localized fire in Gmod10, by pMnky[/del]
[del]Dirtydiaper’s Explosion Tutorial[/del]
[del]Kaskade007’s Smoke Tutorial[/del]
Ben_912’s Screenshot / Comic MegaTutorial (Possibly outdated)
[del]GenericAdmin’s Wonderful Guide to Comic Making[/del]
R M S 1 3’s Guide to High Quality Screenshots In Garry’s Mod
Haxxer’s Biotic Effect (Mass Effect) Tutorial

If you want a tutorial posted in here, and I feel it’s useful, PM me with a link to it and I’ll post it.

So, you want to start making comics? Well, here's two things that you should consider using:

GIMP! - A free editing program for things such as comics.
^ Tutorials for GIMP! can be found above. ^

Clover’s Awesome and VERY EASY Posing Tutorial.

Normally, it IS better to make sure you have a good story before you worry about the editing and posing. However in some cases, you’ll be cut a break if it’s your first or second comic. Afterwords, people will expect you to improve. So good luck! :slight_smile:

Deviantart - A great place to find a lot of good Photoshop brushes.

DaFont - One of the best websites for finding fonts to use in your comics. - A HUGE website filled with many tutorials for Photoshop, and even 3DS Max, CSS, Flash, HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Java, JavaScript, Maya, Photography, and PHP.

[ul]Make sure your jpeg quality is 100%. If not, go into the (~) console and enter “jpeg_quality 100”[/ul]
[ul]Make sure your graphics are turned up as high as possible. (Pictures don’t require a good frame rate.)[/ul]
[ul]Make sure your pose looks good, make sure it actually looks like the way someone would be standing, sitting, running, etc. to the best of your abilities. Remember: Practice makes perfect![/ul]

  • "I did this at <Some time that is late at night (e.g. 12AM - 5AM)>" (If you were too tired to make the comic, why didn’t you go to bed instead?)

  • "Maybe you should give it a shot instead of criticizing." (Look below.)

  • "You can’t talk, you don’t make comics." (Movie critics don’t make movies, but they criticize until they’re blue in the face.)(You don’t need to be a chef to know the food is shit.)


  • "I gave it my best, if you don’t like it, don’t read it." (Good, you gave it your best. But realize that not everyone is gonna like your comic, and by attempting to force them out of your threads, you’re gonna be circle-jerked by the select few that like your comics and you’ll never improve. Unless the people who like them give you advice.)

  • "It’s my first time." (Great, now take the advice you got and improve.)


  • Of course this section sees its share of trolls, some are more obvious than others. But just because you see someone who made what you think is a “less-than-quality” comic doesn’t mean they’re a troll, and even if you think they ARE a troll, still give constructive criticism. If you post “Get out troll” just because the comic that you read wasn’t very good in terms of editing and posing. You’ll end up looking like a fucking idiot if you’re wrong. Normally troll-comics are comics with such a horrible quality that the creator actually has to TRY to be that horrible.

The purpose of these trolls is to get you to tell them that they suck and should kill themselves or whatever. It sets a very elitist mood for this entire section because it makes us look like if a comic isn’t extremely well-posed and well-edited that we automatically assume it as a shit comic or a troll comic and that the maker should leave and never come back. That doesn’t encourage new blood to the section. I think it’s also a bannable offense to tell someone to “get out” so don’t do it. Give constructive criticism. Always.

1. Spelling.

Spelling is one of the most essential parts in a comic. No one wants to read a badly spelled comic, and sometimes it’s even impossible. Read your comic few times before uploading it and if using e.g. Photoshop, save your comic also as a .psd, so you can edit layers later if you find typos. A typo or few won’t ruin a comic but writing monkey-English will. Have mercy on foreign people, everybody isn’t possible to write flawless and fluent English. But I expect all English / American / Canadian / Australian / New Zealanders / etc. write good English.


And pay attention to thing like YOUR and YOU’RE, there is a great difference between these two.

YOUR: Shows that the person owns something. “Hey Jesus, your cock is huge!” “Thanks, so is yours.”

YOU’RE: Contraction of ‘you are’. “Hey Jesus, you’re an asshole!” “Thanks, you’re an ass wipe yourself.”

Of course typos and bad spelling can be used as a stylistic device. If your comic has a idiot or foreign character, bad grammar can be used to give the character a personal touch.

Xs and Zs are noobish. DON’T USE THEM. Of course, if the word has an X or Z, then use them, but don’t replace K’s with a X or T’s with a Z etc. Also, don’t use numbers as letters. I’m talking about 1337-5p34k, no one wants to see that in comics.

2. Fonts.

Whenever possible, use various fonts. You can use them to give your comic and characters a personal look. Remember that the font should not be too complex, ugly or too decorated. Use simple, but elegant fonts that are easy to read and characteristic. For example, Waxx uses fonts well in his Ravenholm Armory. His main character Leonard is Russian, and has a font that imitates Cyrillic letters. Everybody who reads these comics will remember Leonard for sure! And if the same font is used in some other comic, everybody will automatically link it to Leonard and Ravenholm Armory.


3. Skins.

Just like fonts, custom skins can make your comic stand out. Most probably all hl2’s skins have been used in some comic and some even make you think of some particular comic. Skins do not have to be skins, they can also be photoshopped. Make skins that are memorable. but making a pink/neon shirt for your character might not be such a good idea. For a nice Photoshop .vtf plug-in, check out THIS page

4. Maps.

Get out of that goddamn gm_construct. Everybody has seen it and everybody knows every goddamn corner of it. Use Half-Life 2’s maps, use CS:S’s maps, use custom maps, make maps. Humor comics don’t need maps as bad as “serious” comics, which then again can be ruined totally if you make them in gm_construct. Then again, if your comic is based off of something where you would need gm_construct, then that’s fine.

You can look for maps (forums, go through threads, published maps usually have links to them):


A tutorial for map installation can be found HERE

5. Background.

Don’t forget your comics background. Take a look around you, something is always happening. Birds flying, cars driving by, people working etc. etc. So why isn’t that happening in your comics then? If you are making a funny comic, you might add some humor to the background. Read some of Don Rosa’s Donald Ducks and you’ll know what I mean, there’s always something funny going on in the background. Serious comics get a nice touch from passing cars and working people, they make the comic feel more realistic and alive.

6. Humor.

Don’t try to be funny. If you don’t have any funny stuff ready in your head, then don’t make a comic. Mostly when people try to be funny, they end up being not funny. The best humor comes to you, you don’t come to it. I suggest you keep a pencil and a piece of paper with you. When the humor hits you, you can write it down. The best humor comes from you, not from that funny thing you saw on TV because they did it and you’d be stealing from them if you did it, plus people are are bound to lash out at you if you notice you stole an idea from something.

Random humor works very rarely in small doses. But random humor is difficult too. Birds crapping on someones head and random explosions just aren’t funny anymore. Try not to use toilet-humor and leave sex out of it. Don’t be racist unless it’s shit-your-pants hilarious.

Humor is one of the biggest parts to make a comic and should be considered far beyond the quality of the comic itself, sometimes low quality comics can be fucking hilarious and other times the high quality of another comic can ruin what humor it may have had.


7. Editing.

Before you read this, you should understand. Orgasmic editing and awesome posing do not make your comics good. It’s the story/content that matters, and you should always concentrate on that and worry about the editing later.

To start off. Get Photoshop or GIMP! Readers are sick of MSpaint. Editing isn’t only adding text, it’s also making speech bubbles, making a comic book look, adding effects, resizing and removing things you don’t want in your picture.

Speech bubbles are supposed to look good, don’t just draw an ugly bubble over your text, make it beautiful! There are few tutorials for speech bubbles above.

Comic book look makes your comic look more professional and more pleasant to read. I’m not saying that all comics should look like this, but I suggest you take a look, you might learn something valuable.

Resizing. I use 1000x29999 on a single page of my comic and in my opinion that’s a good size if you’re making a long comic, otherwise, use that size anyways, then crop it. However if your comic has all images separately, I suggest you don’t make them bigger than 800x600. You can resize generally with any image editing program. Then again, you really should make a layout.

8. Posing.

Posing is the most essential part of comics. Train it like hell before making your first comic! You can find tutorials above.

9. Speech alignment.

If you want the reader to know what is happening, put speech bubbles in the right order. Most of us are westerner people, so we have a habit to start reading from the left upper corner and go right and down. So 1. bubble should be on the left side, 2. on the right side. think about this already when you taking the screenshots so it will be easier to you. If you have lots of small bubbles, bind them to each other by drawing small “bridges” from one bubble to the next.

Having a starting phrase from the right and the 2nd phrase on the left, can ONLY work if the right speech is near the middle and can be easily be defined at being the one on the top.

10. Movement Transitions.

For this I mean say pulling out a gun and pointing it, transitions can be a pain in the ass but they put a whole better picture into the reader’s head. For example, if you wanted to portray your character jumping off a wall onto the floor but only took the picture of him on the wall and on the floor, the reader’s would wonder how he got down (obvious I know but we’re trying to initialize their imaginations so they see it moving in their heads). Transitioning that scene, I would have taken a shot of him on the wall, then a close-up of his shoe leaving the wall (edited with a jump sound and possible blur) then him landing and then him standing up. 4 Screens maybe a bit much for a short thing, that’s why I like to use the next item.

11. Random hints.

No sex poses - Believe me, they aren’t funny.

Turn up your graphics - You might have a crappy computer, but take everything you can out of it when making comics. This way your images will look better.

Don’t state the obvious - Your character doesn’t need to yell “OH MY GOD THERE IS A WHEELBARROW UP MY BUTT!!!” - The reader can see that from the images.

Face posing - Don’t use the randomizer at high. Those faces are ugly and very rarely fit in a comic. But remember to give your character expressions. Sad, angry, happy, remember to show it.

Character names - If you use HL2 characters, then write their names correctly. It’s GRIGORI, not Gregory, its KLEINER not Kliener, its FREEMAN, not Freemen. Also, if using your own characters, give them special names, not stuff like John and Mike. Although there isn’t a problem with that.

Face Close ups - Great way to show emotions, but if your graphics look terrible, then don’t use face close ups. And don’t go too near.

HUD Text - Make sure there isn’t anything reading on your screen when you take the screenshot. “AI Disabled” and “Blur Off” don’t belong in your comic.

Comic Names - Give your comic a name, and don’t but “my first comic” as your comics subject.

No collisions - Use the toolgun to make e.g. a gun and a character not collide. This way its easier to set guns where you want them.

(Gmod9) Garry’s Mod logo. The one in the upper right corner? Don’t you just hate it? Well type Dont_buff_my_pylon 1 in the console and it’s gone!

12. Rating a comic and giving feedback and suggestions.

Please don’t just say “20/10 !!! OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST!!!”. Then I go to next comic and see “25/12 !!! OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING AS GOOD AS THIS!!”. Okay, both are the best comic ever, but which one is better and what makes them so great? Be constructive! I personally like to hear more what’s wrong with the comic. Because then I can make my next even better. Of course you can tell that you like the comic very much, but if you don’t happen to like the font, posing, story, or anything, tell it!

Think about it for a second, you give a comic 25/10, what if the next comic you read is even better? You just said that the last comic is the greatest and absolutely best. What are you going to say about the next comic? 50/10? Soon we are talking about number like 1000/10 and that just doesn’t tell anything. Limit the numbers, adjectives and caps lock.

Also, when commenting on a humor-style comic. If you didn’t find it funny, DON’T say it was funny anyways to spare the OP’s precious and sensitive feelings. Say what you really mean and help him improve instead of passing him through untouched.

Don’t flame, laugh at someone or spam.
Don’t advertise your comic in someone else’s thread.
read the Forum Rules.

13. Uploading and posting images.

I’m going to use Filecram in this tutorial. D2K5 and work as well.

  1. Take screenshots for your images and edit them.
  2. Go to Filecram.
  3. Choose your image by clicking the “browse…” button. Then choose your image and press open.
  4. Press “Upload Image” Button.
  5. Your image should be now uploaded, scroll down and find the part which says “BBcode” (Or whichever link has


in it.) Select the entire thing and click with your second mouse button and choose copy, OR press ctrl+c.
6. Come to the forums and go make a new post/thread.
7. Submit your post/thread.

Nice repost, now we have a nonlocked version :smiley:

Huzzah for auto thread locker.

Now whats the god damn point?

Name/Nickname for Comics: Killz2much/Killz/K2M


Bouncy Grass <Dead>
Out Of What You Desire
My Version of Surfur’s “Oranges Are Sacred? PT2”
The Choice: A Comic Honoring Gogi Pillz
My Thanks To Snapleaple
killz Adventures- Pick Up Your Pants
A Normal Round in ZPS
A Better Random Person?
Tough Love, Heavy
Valentine’s Day- I Hate It
Forgetful Killer- Interactive (Not really)
The Great Cancellation: PSA About “The Great Escape”
The New Sentry
The Argument: An Actual Conversation Between Killz2much and Antorka
When Simple Pranks Go Horribly Wrong
It’s My Money, and I Need It NOW!
Brains Beat Brawn
No One Listens
Meet The Heavy Emotions
B-Day Surprise
Screw You Little Jacob
Future of War
Grand Theft Auto comic: REMAKE (Remake of someone’s comic on PHW)
Vote Yes
Quest For Adam
Far Crysis
Achivment Tragedies: Part 1 (Canceled)
Las Resort: Defend Point C
Forced to Play
Stinky Situation: Prologue (Postponed)
The Ride
Presidential Candidate Conspiracy Theory
One Who Hates Is Usually Hated
Response to a serious moment.
Airway Tradegy
Medic Vs. Tank
Karimatrix’s Birthday Comic


Saint Pinch Day


Part 1: Unwelcomed Visitors
Part 2: Loss of a Friend
Part 3: Charles, Parks, & Patchy

TAEVSDACCE Comic (The Event) -By Surfur

Opinion of Latest Comic: I think Cousins makes up for the shit stain I made the other day. (I’m talking about -Smoker- of course.)

Upcoming Comic: Whatever pops into my head.

Teasers/Extras: N/A

On the side note: Xbox Live Gamertag: Killz2much K2M

This post was last updated on: July 12th, 2010

Name/Nickname for Comics: Brandon, or Combine_dumb

Skin: Privately released, PM me for it.

[li]COMIC SERIES[/li]NOTE: Some of the comics images may be dead.

The Uprising, Part One: The Fall of Facepunch
The Uprising, Part Two: Escape From the City That Never Sleeps
The Uprising, Part Three: A New World War on the Rise
The Uprising, Part Four: Extingiuishing the Flames of War
The Uprising, Part Five: Defending what’s right
The Uprising, Part Six: Bringing An End To Evil

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Episode 1: Moving In

The Racist Joke
Unpleasant Finding
Gone Bootin’

[li]OTHER COMICS[/li][/ul]
Combine_dumb’s Submission into the Facepunch Annual Awards Contest
BANNED! A Combine_dumb short
CDComics Productions
A Faceraper short – Combine_dumb’s One Year Anniversary.
Combine_dumb LIVE! #1
Combine_dumb is Sick and Twisted
Happy Birthday T3h Pwnag3!
Combinesmart… Meet Combine_dumb
The Mystery of Bill Cosby’s Sunglasses…
Combine_dumb’s Random Comic of Apples!
I got bored and shit out this comic. Ahhhhhhh…
Backlash. A Runner-up’s Story.
Owned Up The Ass
RJ101’s butthurt causes rectal problems.
Dumb Crap
Remembering 9/11
The Problem
The Complaint
Untitled Comic #1

[li]NON-GMOD COMICS[/li][/ul]

A Series of Random PHW Events…
Tom Cruise Plays Bad Company 2

Upcoming Comic: fuck if i know

This post was last updated on: 7/1/09

Name/Nickname for Comics: Cornflakes for facepunch comics, Noah for real comics

Skin: Coming soon

Comic List:


Resistance, it’s a rebel thing.
Short #1: Blockade needed.

Lightsaber fight


Opinion of latest comic: shit…

Upcoming Comic: Cause & Effect

Images 1

Images 2

Images 3

On A Side Note: None of the links work. :v:

This post was last updated on: 2nd Of July

Name/Nickname for Comics: Bigboom, Big, BigB


Comic List:


Hard Crime

Archie’s great escape(Short)


Random Rage

At the Office Series:

Wait what? (Starting Idea)

At the Office - The office (Issue 1)

At the Office - The New guy(s) (Issue 2)

At the Office - Pizza-man Sam (Issue 3)

At the Office - Payday Pt.1 (Issue 4)

Opinion of latest comic:**
I dunno.
Upcoming Comic:**
ATO - Payday Pt.2


On A Side Note:
PlayStation 3 Online name: Meatbang


This post was last updated on:

** 7th July '09


Name/Nickname for Comics:

** “Shaunus”, “S-teh-A” or just “S”



** (thanks to demonite for reupload!)


Comic List:

** (broken ones not included)

What really happened in Chernobyl

Ze Graphics!


Starship Poopers

Adventures of S (interactive)

Left 4 Butts


Bad Jokes!

Pt 1



The Fourth


Opinion of latest comic:

** Trippy…


Upcoming Comic:

** Something random more than likely. Probably with a terrible punchline at the end involving Hitler, Stalin or a can of pea soup



** Touch my hat and I’ll cut you while you sleep.


On A Side Note:

** :banjo:

Comic list

AK&W Series:
Episode 1*****
Episode 2
Episode 3***** -See Episode 12
Episode 4
Episode 5*****
Episode 6
Episode 7*****
Episode 8
Episode 9*****
Continues from Fun With Zombies> Episode 10
Episode 11*****
Episode 12
***** Comics made by Antlion King

Fun with Seb Mini-Series:
Part 1 - The Man
Part 2 - The other ManPage 2

Fun with the Matrix Series:

Fun with Cake Series:
01 - Fun With Cake
02 - From Office with Delirium
03 - The Destruction of the Earth
04 - Power Underwhelming
05 - The Teddy bear of Mystery
06 - Body Snatch
07 - Fear Of Cake
08 - Sequel of Cake

Combine Pairs Series:
Episode 1 - A Start
Episode 2 - A Story
Episode 3 - A Bang

The Comic
Part 1
Part 2

Fun with Explosions
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Other Comics:
Fun With Knives
Fun With Super Jom
Fun With Computers
News Regarding Aeon
Fun With Zombies> Leads into AK&W Ep. 10
Fun With Ducks
Fun With Tribal Rose
Fun With TheGhost
Fun With Treasure
Pwnag3’s birthday
Fun With Cigarettes
A History of Wearwolf
Fun With Arnold and Peterson 1
Fun With Interrogations
Fun With Christmas - 07
Fun With Arnold and Peterson 2
Gogi Pillz… with a twist
Fun With Flying People
Fun With Biohazards
Fun With Cannibalism
Two Years Gone
Father and Son
WAR! For Me Too
Fun With Old People
Fun With Phones
Fun With Mr. Breen
Fun With Plants
Fun With Shorts
Fun With Doctors
Fun With Car Accidents
Fun With Nexus Elite
Fun With Eggs

First Annual Facepunch Awards
Second Annual Facepunch Awards

Upcoming Comics

Fun with Explosions

Click here to see my comic list

This post was last updated on: 02/07/09

Name/Nickname for Comics: Tom/MADmarine


Comics List:

The Chums Series

My first and favourite series, it never gets much attention but I still make one every once and a while.

The series is sort of a friends parody (as you can tell by the name) following the crazy adventures of Tom, Jamie, Dan, Katrina, Louisa and Emma. The characters are based on exaggerations of people I knew/know in real life (including myself as Tom).

The series starts off with a series of unrelated adventures to introduce the characters, but then moves onto to chapters such as the Camping Trip and then Sanchez Mansion (which the series currently is at as of issue 12).

The characters

Tom - The leader of the group, is usually grumpy and sees himself as the intellectually superior person in the group.

Jamie - The silly guy who always has a relaxed and easy going personality, always has the groups best interests at heart.

Dan - The downright silly guy, always getting into trouble and always the but of all jokes.

Katrina - The sweet girl that has a dark side, good as gold when you’re nice but all hell let’s loose if you get on her nerves.

Louisa - The tomboy, more of a man than the guys. Strong willed but a typical girl when she wants to be

Emma - The pretty one, likes to get her own way whenever possible.

Sam the lollipop man - The seemingly oblivious lollipop man that guards the streets. He always looks out for the people and is helpful to all that ask for it, which as you’ll find out isn’t always a good thing…

Mailmen - The dark overlords of mail, always popping up in most issues somewhere. They rarely deliver the mail and prefer to cause destruction and mayhem.

Issues 1 - 8
Issue 9
Issue 10
Issue 11 - New Names to Learn and Nerdy Returns
Issue 12 - A String of Silliness

Chums Shorts

A series of short comics that involve the main characters but don’t follow the main storyline.

Issue 1
Issue 2: A Deal With Grampa

Chums Interactive

During the dark days of the interactive comic plague that some of the older members may remember, I set about trying to make a decent one, but didn’t get too far…

Chums Interactive

Extreme Sports

My sign up comic that so far has proved to a huge hit (as they always seem to be). This launch of this series was what catapulted me from an average comic maker to one of the well known ones, so it’s something I work quite hard on. That is whenever I start to make one, there seems to be a lot of time between each match :v:

Match 1 - Extreme Falling Over

Match 2 - Sawblade Dodgeball

Match 3 - Midget Tossing

Match 4 - Homeworld Ship Wrestling

The Economical Adventures of Business Man

The imitation super hero of Facepunch City, using his “awesome” power of economics along with his faithful companion Macro-Economic Boy Wonder, he fights the world of fiscal inequality.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Barney: Loose Cannon Cop

My over the top action series. Following the kick ass and totally awesome adventures of Barney the loose cannon cop who doesn’t play by the rules and his strangely sexy but pessimistic accomplice Alyx.

Barney becomes an outlaw due to his loose cannon ways but resolves to carry on fighting crime despite any setbacks like douche cops, thugs and magic explosions.

Issue 1 - The New Rivalry

Issue 2 - An Awesome Jailbreak

How to:

My informative series about how to cope with the everyday pointless challenges of life.

Get a Job

Go Green

Human Safari

My documentary series where I travel the globe in search of Earth’s wildest creature, MAN.

Episode 1 - Enter the Jungle

Episode 2 - Medical and Military Madness

A Moment of Your Time

My “what the fuck” series involving the most bizarre ideas that grace my head. Expect the unexpected and possibly some stuff you did expect.

The Incredible Ass Sniffing Adventures of Officer Yum Yum

The Incredibly Ironic and Historically Inaccurate Adventures of Some Greek People

Single Comics

Random specials or short comics.

My Christmas comic that has a very very merry storyline
MADmarine’s Christmas Comic

Studies have shown that most Facepunchers aren’t getting enough action, so I made a public announcement to help raise awareness.
Are you getting enough?

sniff sniff Dear god… what’s that smell?..
Something’s Burning…

Don’t you hate it when you get unwanted guests? There are many ways to get rid of them that you may not know of, one of which is discussed here:
We Have Ways to Get Rid of Infestations

All games involve killing, didn’t you know?
It’s there if you look hard enough

Stealth can get you anything and get you anywhere:
An Important Lesson in Stealth

Another day in the fucked up conversations between Mad and Mos:
Mad ‘N’ Mos: Dogotory

When a friend is tragically struck down by technology, there’s only one way to avenge his death:
The Anti Technology Alliance: Destroying Today For a Better Tomorrow

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Name/Nickname for Comics: Cor Angars/Gor Feri


Comic List:
The Civil War of Facepunch
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

The Dawn of the Banned
Episode 1

Terminator: Age of the Machines
Episode 1

Solo comics
CMT/CL delet
High-Jack in City 17
The Interview
Birthday comic to Archie
Free Food for the Day Dead!!
Nuka Cola Dead!!
Officer in Danger Dead!!
The beginning of a beginning Dead!!
Sugar Bombs
High Regulation
Personal skin usage

Comics for the Union:
Revange Union
Episode 1

Seven of Eleven
A Seven of Eleven Dead!!

Solo Comics
None yet!

Opinion of latest comic: I can’t judge myself…

Upcoming Comic: Threesome comic


On A Side Note:

wrong god-damn thread

I’m Sonicyouth

And I have no skin

And no flashy comic signs. Nor the motivation to seek my old comics.

I should make more Tf2 comics. Those guys looks retarded.

I would like to make some more comics. But at the same time I don’t want to.

I have no teasers… Except… Sherlock Kleins.

And still I see myself as one of the great comic makers here. Oh the irony.

Ay, you guys, I’m making a comic right now. VERY short, but it’s just to show that I’m coming back.

Added all the comic lists.

As soon as search comes back, I’ll get my comic list back.

Search is back. Get goin’

ah! thank you

You’re all going to repost your comic lists? Why not just link to your posts in the first thread?