Comic Making Tutorials and Comic Lists Version II

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"<link to post containing list>

New comics I made:"

That would be almost the same thing as posting a compleatly new! Just copy/paste and bang, you got a new.

You realise none of those are actually links :v:

Archie for lazyman 2009.

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Name/Nickname for Comics: SaigonTime, M.D.

Comic List:


Issue 1
Issue 2, Chapter 1
Issue 2, Chapter 2
Issue 2, Chapter 3

Opinion of latest comic:
Wow posing in the dark is a bitch and a half.

Upcoming Comic:
Vessel 2.0

Well, there were going to be some but OH WAIT NEVERMIND DEVIANTART DELETED ALL OF THEM.

On A Side Note: my steam id is ‘endlesscure’ if you want to hook up and play some TF2

But I might hurt my finger scrolling!

Aaaaaaaaaany day now this will replace the old sticky.

Any day now…

Hey Combine_dumb, didn’t you say last october that you would make a 24 episode in june?

I started to think we’d have to bump this thread for all eternity. Like in the old days.

combine_dumb is gay

(User was banned for this post (""combind_dumb is gay"" - SilverHammer))

^ furry

Keep the shit alive.

T’show we roll.

I miss the old days…

Here’s a small preview of my upcoming TF2O Gamic, Pyro & Bear (one of the panels is empty because I didn’t include a picture yet).

Everything is coming along nicely and it will be here by next Friday.

Servers is probably coming this Friday or so since all I need to do is just take 1 day to make a movie in The Movies and finish the speech bubbles and stuff in the comic. (or showing the comic in my GT account blog) is going get a timed exclusive to the Pyro & Bear comic after finding out that people tend to keep the longevity of a “funny” comic thread longer than a “not so funny” comic. In other words, Pyro & Bear will get released this Friday or Sunday for them and you guys will get it next week.

Why? Because some of the comic creators here are more familiar with Servers than the people at GT.

The Comic is DELAYED because I just had my wisdom teeth pulled out and I can’t really concentrate on finishing the comic. Also, I’m busy playing Killing Floor.

Haha, I’m looking forward to this.

I just love the last two panels ^ ^

Hey sweet, clicking the “View thread images” thingy shows you the comics without shrinking them.


New preview!
Click on this sentence to view the comic below FULL SIZE!

Coming to my Gametrailers blog first (Tomorrow on 2:00 PM PST) then on Facepunch next week (or 3 days if you guys want).

No longer timed exclusive (yay!)