Comic model request

The custom models in "Madmanmad’s RAGE filled revenge quest (with some rage):

(Sorry, if I post images of the whole “Revenge” comic, it’ll be MANY big ass pictures.)

And ALL the models in DTMECH’S work:

I know where to find From the Madman comic:

But I want to know where to find or how to get:
The Mysterious Stranger model. (That madman headhacked)
The other planes in Page 2
Soldiers and Tanks in Page 3
Soldiers and LIBERTY PRIME in page 4
The combine soldier on the top of Page 5

No one knows where to find these? I want them too. I’m certain many different users want them.

where’d you get that Taokaka model?

Libery Prime is in this pack (I’m pretty sure):

And the Space Marines are in this pack:

(Or the DoW pack but these ones are NPCs and much easier to pose, there are playermodel ones aswell in the huge player collection pack thread)

It is from Dtmech’s Deviantart account.