"Comic" Post Icon for Threads

I talked to Garry about this on Twitter and he told me to make a thread, so I did. I just don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place, so my apologies if it should be in another section altogether; I picked this place since it’s where comics are posted. If it’s not too much trouble for a Mod, could you please move it if you deem necessary and notify me about it? Thanks.

Back in the day, there was a “Comics” section under “Screenshots and Movies” specifically for comics created using Garry’s Mod, which was removed a couple of years ago to reduce the heavy load on the server, if I recall correctly. Since then, comics were placed in “Screenshots and Movies” - and Garry also told me on Twitter that he believes “Comics” are implied in that title when I asked him if he could add the term to it -. but it became a bit hard to distinguish them from screenshots by thread title alone, unlike movies that have their own post icon. Considering how the section now has even more stuff in it - namely, saves and duplicates -, I would like to propose that there be, at least, a “Comic” icon so that it’s easier to distinguish what’s a comic and what’s a screenshot upon first glance of the section’s threads. I created an icon myself, feel free to use it if you decide to add it (or make another one altogether if you’d prefer, I won’t mind):

Here are my justifications for why that post icon would be a benefit to the forum; feel free to stop reading here if you’d like, I’m just doing this because I expect people to ask:

  • Screenshots and comics are not the same thing. Although screenshots may have a backstory, they’re essentially a single picture to analyze, whereas comics are not simply a sequence of screenshots, but rather use them to tell a story visually. In my opinion, a good comic involves a lot of different work and tools to create something that ends up being a lot different than the simple sequence of screenshots that you had originally. I’m not against having comics in a screenshots section, mind you, but, like movies, they should be easier to separate.
  • It was already incredibly hard to find out what was a comic and what was a screenshot before the section even got more stuff to it. I, for one, have always loved reading GMod comics and often go looking for them in this section, but it becomes almost impossible to find them because screenshots outnumber them and there’s no clear way to distinguish them. The same would happen with most movies if there wasn’t a “Movies” icon, which proves my point.
  • The “Art” post icon may be appliable to screenshots, movies and comics, but, again, it doesn’t help anyone know exactly what it is.
  • I’m sure some will argue “Photoshop” would be applicable, but I personally disagree. For one thing, some screenshots are also heavily edited in Photoshop and thus that icon applies just as well; for another, comics are not simply GMod and Photoshop, since a complex one will be a story told through images. The term “graphic novel” exists for a reason, they’re novels told with pictures replacing narration.
  • “Humor” may apply to funny comics, but not all comics are comedies, just like not all screenshots are funny. And, again, it’s appliable to screenshots too.

Garry suggested a vote, so I’m putting a poll up. Please vote and express your opinion so a decision can be made by the Mods. I would be very thankful if you also posted to keep the thread and the discussion alive, even if you just disagree. If you find another reason why the “Comic” post icon should be adopted, please add it as well!

Sounds good to me.

It’s a great idea, I’m all for it. Although I feel it shouldn’t be the one you posted, no offence.

Absolutely none taken, I really appreciate the feedback! I’m sure someone can make a better one, I just made a proposal in case nobody wanted to go to that trouble. I made it a speechbubble since it’s a recognizable comic trait, but I’ll let people make and pick the best one.

Oh, hey, I probably should present this to a Mod when it gets some traction, but I don’t know if I should be the one to, it’s not like I’m a recognizable figure around here or anything. I also don’t mind if someone does that in my place, I’m not in this for credit or whatever, I just want to know what’s a comic and what’s a screenshot/dupe/save from now on.

I didn’t recognize it as a speech bubble at first. But now that I do, I think it fits. Maybe add some red in there.

Take it all in! (yes)

There was a “comics” icon before.


Does anyone have the old Comics Icon saved anywhere?

So if I put a speech bubble on one picture, does it still count as a comic?

There used to be a comic icon, yeah. Not sure why it was removed. I made this one.


Oh, I didn’t know that. Obviously I don’t know why it was removed, but still, I think there are good reasons to bring it back.

Heh, depends on who you ask, I guess. I remember seeing a lot of “one-panel comics”; I personally don’t consider those comics, but some do.

Yes please do! It is so off-putting the way it is.

Thanks for taking the effort to do this!

I had the same reaction as Fort83 though(almost), but now I see it haha, I feel stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember the days man.

No problem, it’s my pleasure. I don’t give much to this community, I admit, but at least this time I can try to help somewhat.

Sorry, but I just have to point out that this guy signed up at the start of 2006 and his first post was a week ago. This absolutely amazed me.

Also, yes there should be one for comics.

And now I’m wasting my small post count to reply to you.

Gran PC told me he, and I quote, “mentioned this on the mod forums.” I guess now we wait.

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