(Comic) PSD: Pondering

Most of you won’t remember Passive Self-Destruction, a comic series of approx. 40 issues I made a few years back and most of which I even released here on FP. It wasn’t particularly memorable, so you are forgiven.

It is a reference (well, several, really) to a game you will only know if you are really old (well, relatively old. Older than you probably are) or really nerdy (such as me). A game without graphics. Hehe.

Now, and only on Facepunch, an epilogue (which includes yet another reference to the game. Or two.)

The triumphant return.

“Triumphant” doesn’t quite cut it, my young friend. You have to have a serious set of balls to post a comic made in GIMP and GMod 9 without Anti-Aliasing. (Okay, this sounded about as pathetic as intended.)
Hey, according to Facepunch I use Windows 7 and am from the US. Something’s not right here. And I am offended by the Windows bit.
Anyway, if I make more, I shall gift Facepunchkind with them as well. I figure here more people will at least skim through it than elsewhere.