(Comics & Blast to the Past) Video Game Originals

I’ve limited the amount of comics this time. This thread doesn’t include the long Team Fortress 2 Originals comics (Quest for Candy, Maggot, Pyro & Bear, Fairly Bonking Road Trip, and Quest for MORE Candy)

The comics range from oldest to newest in its respective video game category.

The CS:S characters are actually part of my lazily-running series, Servers.

Left 4 Dead series







Team Fortress 2





Dead Rising 2 (ps. VGcats posted the same joke a week after I made this)



Uncharted 2 (ps. I hated this (pps. I know it’s not Gmod but shush))


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The one with the hunter hugging Zoey melts my hear every time.

on a scale of 1-10… 0

I remember these. They’re pretty cool.

I remember the Dead rising one Because someone made a referance to Chuck on a tricycle.

did you even read these?

haha did you??? they’re all awful

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they aren’t funny and they look like shit and usaokay killed 6 million jews during world war 2

Pretty obvious that I cannot please everyone.

He’s entitled to his opinion, so don’t go ragging on his ass guys.

u can only pleas the lowst common demoninator

I feel really sorry for you. You spent 10 dollars on gold membership and your probably gonna get banned some time soon anyway.

Please don’t ban me I’m not predicting a ban plz.

gold membershit is $10?? what is this 2006

The guy who hated it was obviously a asshole.
Nothing more.

I find your comic’s to be completely awesome.

Haha I love your comics USA. Also, Zombi is a shitposter anyhow, so take what he says lightly