Comics Discussion Thread V1: Moustache Power




  • Be nice. This is a place for comic makers and readers to talk about Garry’s Mod comics and comic making. Try not to be a jerk and be friendly to everyone, we’re all in this together and we should treat each others as friends. Bonus awesomeness points if you offer help and support to others.
  • This place is for single comics/series! Meaning this is not a thread to discuss your perskin, Espionage Wars or a screenshot with speechbubbles. The former two have their own threads for you to check out.
  • Give and take constructive criticism. If someone shows you work-in-progress, please give them tips on how to improve their comic, but don’t be a condescending dick about it. Likewise, if you post your stuff here, you’re implicitly accepting C&C, so don’t act surprised or, God forbid, whiny if someone points out what you can improve on.
  • Don’t post the comics directly here. The thread would become a mess real quick. Make a thread for your comic instead and have the specific discussions of it in that thread. You can discuss here its production and even link to your thread for people to go there.
  • Keep it to comics in Facepunch as much as possible. Look, I have my own comics site and I’m in other forums, but even so this is a Facepunch thread, so I’ll talk about the Facepunch stuff. Exceptions are made if you’re reminiscing about old comics most people know about, like Concerned. If it’s an ongoing comic not made available here, respect the author’s privacy until he decides to come here himself and post them.
  • All comic genres are okay to talk about, as long as they obey the rules of Facepunch. Meaning a porn comic is not okay because it’s against the rules of Facepunch, but stuff ranging from comedy comics to drama or even interactives is all okay. We’re not picky, as long as they’re good.
  • [del]Mythos is King and all must kneel![/del] Okay, well, maybe not. Scratch that rule. But the other ones are important!

You want to make comic good? I suggest you look at Sensei Jim_Riley’s teachings:
Jim_Riley’s Comic Fundamentals Tutorial Part I
Jim_Riley’s Comic Fundamentals Tutorial Part II


I think I’ll save this post to put up my own comics list later on, if it’s all the same to you.

Although I have to say, hunterNormandy, that sounds pretty excellent - but also extremely complicated to pull off.

Go for it, that’s what the thread is for - discussion! You can do both if you’d like.

Yeah, I understand perfectly, and it sounds like an ambitious project that would have a really good payoff. Teaser picture’s nice, too - though unless you scenebuild everything, you’ll probably need some custom maps.

I’m currently actively working on the third chapter of The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, the first two chapters of which can be read here. I’m 6 pages in, which amounts to 30% of the whole comic - and a whooping 35 panels already. It should still take a while to finish, particularly because one of the maps isn’t final yet, but I’m pretty happy with what I have so far.

Writing a series, I have twenty episode Ideas of which ten have basic plot outlines with one already scripted from about 2008. Not sure on the ETA, but as I have my last radio show on Saturday night I should have ample opportunity to start on it after that.

I’ve tried continuing that old Vlad and Oleg series I had going, but I’m finally making headway after redoing it 3 times.

Gonna try and get it done before the end of the month hopefully.

My avatar implores you to do so.

then “It is so”

Honestly I like seeing comics, but the biggest issue is that they often take just too much effort. When you consider that some of us make a picture once in a month at best…

Does anybody happen to have saved some “Life with Lamarr” comics? If so is it possible to upload them to another hose? tx. It’s been a few months now and the site still isn’t back up. I’m beginning to think Co is resigning from the comic making business.

Best thread in the sub-forum hands down.

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I’ve wanted to make a post apocalyptic interactive for awhile now but I’m afraid it’d kinda be like copying everyone else’s post apocalyptic interactive, since there’s been a lot of them recently.

I agree that they take effort to do right, but I refute the claim that it’s too much because I feel like it’s worth it.
I’m gonna admit something here, and I hope you guys won’t take this the wrong way, but screenshots bore me, frankly. I see some amazing stuff I can’t even hope to match, but it’s usually something I look at for about three seconds before dropping a reply and moving on. I just don’t understand the point of it, personally. Good comics, however, I can often re-read and still find them enjoyable. It’s really worth the effort. Now, please don’t take my words as an invitation to a screenshots vs. comics conflict, because that would be ridiculous. They can coexist, and they should.

I am self-aware enough to know its impact in Facepunch was slim to none, except perhaps as a positive influence on upstarters, but making The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage is a blast for me. I am so invested in the story and I’m really convinced it’ll be the definitive work of my mostly inactive “career”. It’ll be my legacy, and I’m so happy to be sharing it with you guys. GMod comics needed a cohesive community again, and maybe this thread will be it. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner, it makes so much sense.

Eh, most of the crap I do for ESP Wars (and for a short time in the perskin thread long ago) was heavily influenced by this awesome A+ story I wrote back in high school that I’ve been adding onto ever since.

I really wanna do a comic about it but I’m afraid it’ll look like I’m ripping myself off.

And besides, it’s probably gonna suck cause most of you guys aren’t interested in supernatural stuff anyway.

If you want to do it and would enjoy it, why are you letting the other excuses stop you? Hell, I was also aware HL2 comics were done to death, and I regret nothing. Dactrius knew crossovers were a fad, and look at what he’s made.

If you want to do it, go for it. And if it’s good, we’ll enjoy it.

That’s a uh…rather feminine acting SPARTAN. I do love the lighting, though.

Oh perfect! I’ve been needing a place to talk about my comic. The second chapter is coming along smoothly, but it’s taking some time because I’ve re-written it and re-done it entirely (I hated the original storyline, and I ended up killing off a very major character when I didn’t want to). After it’s release, expect Gmod’s End to continue on a semi-regular basis. I’m in this for the long haul, I won’t be quitting anytime soon on it. It’ll be The Walking Dead of the Gmod universe. And I’ll keep it going for as long as I can (unless people don’t want more, then I’ll stop). I’ve played The Last Of Us while hanging out with a friend, as well as reading The Walking Dead for inspiration, and I’m planning on doing drastic improvements on the styling of the comic itself. Thanks for the thread, Mythos.

In retrospect I’m surprised this thread wasn’t made sooner, especially considering there’s no actual comic forum. It’s an awesome idea and I for one welcome our new consolidated, comic-discussing overlord.

I don’t really have anything to add to the thread right now as I just finished my own comic, but I’m planning something different very soon so it’ll be nice to have somewhere I can talk about it without worrying about whether or not it’ll be the right place to do so. I’m already seeing some highly encouraging posts here, it’s very heartening.

Thanks for taking the initiative on this Mythos, and for the awesome banner at the top! Exciting comic times ahead, y’all!

My pleasure, guys, no need to thank me. We were due for something to bring a community back together and have an active place for comics, particularly since I believe the only reason new comics stopped coming out was the simultaneous implosions everywhere (i.e. PHW shutting down, the comics section vanishing, and so forth). Now, I’m just the OP, you guys are who will decide whether it lives or dies - I’m posting a lot for the first two days like a mother cradling her baby, but it’s not up to me in the end. I hope we’ll get to see some cool WiPs and some more releases in the future! I know I’m working on that, personally.

Oh, and I’ve released this elsewhere, but seeing as we now have a proper place for comics, here’s the cover for TAoHC Chapter 3, my next comic:

Cover may or may not represent actual events. Most likely not.

Personally I think its still early days on the whole comic revival thing and having large teams could imped on the over all number of comics that could be made.

Possibly, but that’s my ten cents on the matter.

That reminds me of the good old days of comic teams and such, but I don’t feel like it’s the right way to go right now. Eventually we’ll break apart and lose a sense of community that I hope this thread builds up. My friend Chrisordie can attest that having the late PoB and BDU, two comic forums, consistently separated didn’t help either of the groups.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t help each others out. I think we should have a spirit of helpfulness in this thread. If anyone needs any help, just ask, and I hope someone who can help will get in touch. Collaboration would be great, that much is true.

There are higher up comic makers? I thought they were all dead. :v: