Comics Discussion Thread V1: Moustache Power

Indeed. Uniting is the point of the thread more than anything; after all, we share this hobby. Hopefully we can bring this fad back to life in a big way!

Making a good comic is more about practice and vision than anything else - visualize it before doing it, otherwise it will most likely come off half-assed. And while I understand where some of you are coming from when you say you have no time, I’d like to point out that I work 7 and a half hours per day and still manage to get some comic pages done. Sure it takes me longer than I’d like, but it hasn’t impeded me, and I like to think it hasn’t compromised any quality.

I know this isn’t quite the subject of this thread, but all the discussion seems to have moved to here from the other, but is there any progress on getting Infection up? You said you found it in the other thread and were waiting on Pyren’s go ahead and I’m just wondering if you heard anything.

It’s fine, it’s on-topic. I haven’t heard from him through the channels I tried, I think I might send him an e-mail. Or just skip that altogether and go for it, I’m not exactly infringing copyrights.

Sure, go for it.

I would submit my ideas, but then again, who doesn’t love a little competition? :wink:

Read ‘Of Combine and Men’ again. I feel like we need some more HL2 based comedy comic now:

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It’s not official yet, but it’s what I have in mind for the future or something, ya.

new design for cops for the comic.

It’s official:

I’ll have to read it tomorrow, but it sounds to me like I may have Metrocop post material to report on.

Nice combine edits, I’ve never seen them before… or were these never released?

They’re basically DP’s Metrocop. I just put the original textures over and add some minor edits, such as the mask and pants.

Man I love you for making this thread. Genious way to spark some life into the comic community again! I miss the old days when you’d see at least 2 new comics every day.

I can link some of my old comics, they’re pretty bad, but that kinda makes them funny. So I reserve this post I guess?

Can I also advertise my ongoing comic? If no, I’ll edit it out.
Here’s the thread: Haunted World. Apocalyptic interactive comic!

I smell a rise in interactives.

It’s my pleasure to have made this thread, you guys don’t need to keep thanking me. I feel like it’s already breathing some new life into comics, and that’s really good!
Also, feel free to advertise your comics, that’s pretty much a part of the thread - after all, it’s really hard to figure out what’s a comic and what’s not nowadays, so posting about it here will certainly help.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m not much a fan of interactives myself, but it’s good to see people having fun with them and getting the groove back. I certainly hope to see more standalone comics in the future, as well!

Oh, also, little update: The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage (TAoHC for short if you like silly acronyms) Chapter Three is 45% done. That might sound like very little, but those 45% were pretty plot-heavy and the hardest part to nail of the script. Hopefully it’ll flow well and you guys will love it. Now’s the fun part to pose and edit, though. :v:

Less interactives, more thought out stories, please.

Even if you only make and post a few pages at a time, please, show some initiative and tell your own narrative. Making several short updates to the same comic is perfectly fine, I did it a few times and it’s good to get input and feedback to motivate you. On top of that, you can change and fine tune as you go along based on the community, but you don’t need to be tied to one good idea among a sea of stupid ones, or limit yourself to coming up with weak ideas for a few branches.

I love making comics, sometimes it’s too tedious to create a fullworthy story-driven comic. So I enjoy making interactives because they’re extremely fun to make, and don’t require too much time and effort in order to be good.

I prefer a standard comics over interactives, but I don’t think interactives should get less praise when they’re well made.

When it takes less time, effort, and thought, why should it be put on the same level as a comic that has a plot and substantial amount of work put into it?

Don’t get me wrong, some people are good at it, some are even interesting and few even break the mold, but those cases are rare, almost as rare as a completed story. Someone starting out should learn to make something with a traditional plot strategy like setup, buildup, and payoff before they do a bunch of setups. If you’ve never gotten to the payoff, you surely won’t do it with an interactive story. It’s like piloting a passenger jet after taking lessons on taking off and hoping someone in the cabin can help you land somewhere nice.

Yeah, I guess I should have phrased that differently. What I meant wasn’t that an interactive regardless of quality should be put on the same level as a comic. I just don’t want people to feel demotivated from making interactive comics, because they’re still a nice addition to the “comic section.” As long as they’re well thought out and still have a lot of effort put into them.

Three comics for my new series scripted, total four scripted.

However I’ve dropped one story Idea as, though it would be funny it needs too much work to make it proper and that bum ting.

Still, I’ll write a couple more, finish the skins for it and get to work on it.

Should have episode one by mid-July with an issue a week ending around mid-November if all goes to plan.

I come bearing a message from Jenkins: