no one are making comics anymore, or am i dumb that can’t find any?
looking here but can’t find :frowning:
whats up guys? :S

p.s. sorry if my english is bad :S

That’s the answer.

that was unfriendly :S

im just tryed to find some of them :frowning:

All the good comic makers are dead.

… But im asking without jokes, is that comic stuff moved to another thread?

Am I a good comic maker?

im actually making a comic that so far noone has seen, does that mean its already terrible?

So any comics that even pop into a writers mind is automatically terrible?

I am actually making a comic after I saw this thread.

“Jake’s wife” :v:

I’m still making some.

like this one

i have three comics coming up. i’ll stop advertising now.

I’ve made a couple comics too but not for awhile.

Haven’t done a comic in like 5 months, idk why, haven’t done anything gmod realted in a long while in fact.

guess you can check mine when I update it from time to time

Here’s some really old ones I did if you’re looking to kill some time:

I wanna get around to finally finishing it sometime this year if possible.

Go and check out Concerned if you haven’t already.

1000 years ago already…

I was making an interactive comic about six months ago, but it couldn’t really launch off. Shame, I had plans for it, too.

Comics kind of died ever since the Comics section was killed off. There are still comics, sure, but there’s much less now.