"Comin' through! Witch on my ass!"


I used the bride witch because I was testing it out. Pardon Ellis’ grainy shoulder. All ingame. I will upload a blurless version if anyone wants.

The witch knocked one of Zoey’s pistols out of her hand when she barged past, which is why she isn’t shooting. Coach has a gnome.

No CC please.

Quick Ellis! Use that adrenalin!

Witch Bride: Ellis!!! You arent getting away that fast… no one escapes from the Witch Bride!!! You still owe me Child Support.

Ellis is running from the scariest thing known to man… Commitment. :smug:


Posing looks good. But where did you grab the Witch Bride? I can’t seem to find any of the Passing models.

I got the newest version of gm_mount.

Nice posing on the witch. Looks like it would in-game.

Instead of asking question, why not searching on FPSbanana.com?

2 minutes later…
Okay maybe it’s not on this site.



Very nice job there, man, great work.

I guess it’s going to be a shotgun wedding.

Alternate title: “HERE COMES THE BRIDE!”

shouldnt zoey and coach try to help him?
also look closely at what coach is holding

Is it really that hard to read the few sentences in the OP?

" you may now kiss the bride"…
“what?, arh hogwash man!”
Looking good man i love it.