Coming back to GMOD, how is DarkRP atm?

Hey guys, I haven’t played GMOD since maybe a couple days after the release of GMOD 13. Dem addon updates are gonna be a bitch to update huh, I had so many fucking addons.

Anyway, the only thing I really played was DarkRP because I just found it fun due to how it was not that serious and you can loosely RP on it. I am going to update GMOD soon but I was just wondering if it has changed at all.

It’s as shitty as ever. You haven’t missed much

It’s worse then it was before? Oh boy.

All I do with my friends is go into the game and spawn a bunch of drugs/weapons and fuck around, so I feel like this is gonna be good.

You and your friends sound like a group of winners. Enjoy your stay! DarkRP is booming. :downs:

Aren’t you like 14?

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Nailed it.

Play PERP, it’s perfect for someone like you.

Minge Central, but sadly most servers use anti-prop kill…
And that takes the fun out of every thing…

You mean Central?

Can’t you bypass anti-prop kill scripts by using buttons/fading doors?

Facepunch does not like DarkRP… >:(

Anyways, little stuff has changed. But, there was a new update, DarkRP 2.5.0, better then any darkrp out there.

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No, not from what I know. The only way to bypass it is if you push them on to a wall, and throw a prop at them. (I.E: Stove), And in the logs, says that World spawn killed them >:D

People forming gangs that own 40 printers and have half the server sucking up to them and the others raising them (poorly)

He’ll fit right in.

Its just that the system of dark rp is way out of balance, you either need to be a member of the police or the “rebel” gangs to accomplish anything. It really isnt rp anymore, its just cops vs robbers. same goes for perp. the average citizen has no role

“to accomplish anything” is rather a stupid statement given what you’re complaining about.

To accomplish crimes and armed robbery etc, then yes? But you’re also complaining it’s just cops vs robbers.
To accomplish true roleplay then that can be done as a citizen or even in sandbox without having to go darkrp, gangster or a shiny little dude with a police badge.

But who wants to do ‘true roleplay’ now adays.