Coming Back to Gmod

Hi all, firstly i would like to appologise in advance if i have posted this in the wrong place, I’m not looking to get banned ect please give me the benefit of doubt here. Secondly please point me in the direction of an already made post of the same question already answered (I’m unable to use the search function!)

OK so here goes…

I have been out of action playing gmod for nearly 2 years. Last time i played all the was really needed was phx and wiremod to get on well with pretty much most servers. As i have rebuilt my computer with new hardware i no longer have the addon folder. What addons are popular nowadays to ensure an error free time on the majority of servers? also if you could point me in the direction of a guide to install these addons.

during the time i have been out of action i presume there have been some things implemented into the game i am unaware of, so is there anything i should know about prior to cracking on with playing tonight?

Last question - Do i need CS, DoD, TF2 and other valve games installed to access the models form said game?

I would like to thank you for reading and again thank you in advance for any helpful reply you may provide me.

PS please dont ban me if this is in the wrong place, just tell me where to put it and i will be more than happy to repost in the correct place and remove this post.

TL:DR - Havnt played in ages, whats new and what addons should i get

Welcome back to the game of dreams.

Obviously you do. I don’t think that is allowed to be changed.

The popular addons are Wiremod and PHX. PHX comes with Garry’s Mod now.

Even though it is 3 months after release. Precision Alignment still doesn’t work and the Easy Percision workshop download is iffy. There is also no smart snap.

Easy precision works fine and smart snap works fine too, where are you getting this from?