Coming to an American server and spamming Korean, greifing or not?

Like the post says, Is it considered griefing, if a group of Koreans come to your server and spam korean text. (alot of the same sentences are repeated over and over). Aside from the annoyance, I enjoy answering “noobs” questions on how to do things such as craft, now i just want to turn chat off. This also goes with the fact that it can be a big turn off for new players coming in and just seeing korean fill up their chat on US Central 4.

If it isn’t griefing it’s a dick move

You can turn off chat. It’s not griefing. It may be irritating to you, but it’s not griefing. It’s not a dick move, either. This kinda crying is about on the same level with waaah waaah I just joined the server, don’t kill me (as if you have something to lose).

It’s called spamming…

Depends on if it is spamming or if it’s communicating. Maybe the Korean text just looks really similar like it’s the same sentence over and over? I mean, it is an online video game so there is some expectation of annoyance from other players. Take a screenshot next time I want to see what they’re saying.

But as far as being on a US server and seeing a foreign language, might as well expect that and just get used to it, not really the biggest deal anyway. It’s kind of fun to try to communicate and get something done with a person who doesn’t speak your language too.

Yup ill screenshot it, Alot of the time its the same sentence 3+ times in a row, since things like ? and a number or so show up in the same spot in the middle of the sentence.