Coming up with a gamemode name...

I had troubles coming up with a good gamemode name…

“Black Death”,
“Fire Fight”,
“Waste Land”,
“Custom RP”, --Requested by code_gs
“Gay”, //inspired by yourstalker
“Pogo Stick”,
“No Scoping”,
“Russian Bears”,
“Dorito Eating”,
“CoderHire Land of”,
“Red House”,
“Full House”,
“Defcon 9”,
“Really Good”

function generategamename(ply)
ply:ChatPrint("Game Name: " …table.Random(wordTable)… " " …table.Random(wordTable))
concommand.Add(“generate”, generategamename)

Add RP to the table and you’re all good!

Can you give us some details on what the gamemode’s about? Also, it might be good to combine all of the potential titles and name it Survive Fast Scavenge Black Red Zombie Hurt Killers Fire Fight Death Waste Land Apocalypse Town City.

Your random name generator doesn’t prevent the same word coming up twice; you should totally name your gamemode Black Black. :v:

Yeah, I know. I made it in exactly 27 seconds. I timed myself :smiley:

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I’m working on a walking dead type game, not a darkrp edit, or rp at all. Kind of like Day-Z I guess, but different from that poopy GmodZ, I’ll probably make a release.

This Gamemode is Cray-Z

Nazi ZombieZ’s

Please, don’t be prejudice.

Make a song please.
You could so sing that.

This is amazing, by far one of the funniest threads I’ve read in a long time on FP

dont forget “NEED STAFF

That’s usually in the server name, not gamemode :slight_smile:

Nah, put it in the gamemode name along with M9K and FastDL

And “Custom”

I have a special “table of shame” for similar purpose. It’s for the random text on menu background in my gamemode:

//And this is why we can't have nice stuff in GMod anymore
local tags = {
	"POINTSHOP", "Shitty Admins" , "Paid Admins", "0 k start", "CUSTOM!!!", "Puberty", "Fun", "3X FUN!!1", "3+ Admins",
	"Mature", "Boys only", "Poop SWEP", "GENERIC", "No Lag", "No Fun", "Jihad", "N00B FRIENDLY", "No Parents",
	"SlowDL", "CoderHire scripts", "PAY 2 WIN", "RTV", "HORSE PLAYERMODELS!!!", "Toys", "7/24", "Lazy Staff", "Drugs", "Corn",
	"K9M", "ATM", "Semi-srs", "Free PERP", "Custom Loading Screen!", "Gym", "DMCA", "YouPube addon", "12-year old gentlemen", "Wiryamod",
	"Hiring Janitors", "NEW", "SCors", "1-year old owner", "BallPit!", "Respect the Admins!", "xDDD", "Nude", "Not so Unique", "Diapers",
	"2 custom taunts", "new uniqye servr", "New Hets", "More Horses", "Minyacravt Map!", "Approved by gary!!!", "Better than others!", "JOIN ASS",
	"Professional kids", "Donate to join", "Low Karma", "C-C-C-CUSTOM", "Excitement", "Moustaches", "RDM or kick", "Lorepray", "SCREAMING KIDS", 
	"Moni Printers", "-=EPIC=-", "Even more CUSTOM", "JOIN TODAY!", "Terrible tags", "JOIN NOW, ASK LATER", "Pinion-Powered", "POPPORN",
	"VIP", "CUSTOM DOORS", "Clean seats", "69Tick", "XP!", "DEV VERSION", "Unique Rank System", "Heavily Customized", "100% Original", "Chairs", "140+ useless jobs!",
	"Loading screen with Dubstep!", "Real Admins", "KFC", "Juicy", "Leaked Addons!", 

Feel free to use it for your inspiration, and hurry, until I add “‘Table of shame’ - made by Necrossin ‘Necrossin’ Necrossin. 4/10/2014” on top of the code.

But… But… This is for gamemode names :c