Coming up with a name for your project

I’m having real difficulties coming up with a name for my gamemode framework and appearently random project name generator doesn’t want to help lol:

So, what are your ways and solutions to coming up with something clever with a nice short, since all I come up with turns out to be already taken :v:


Functionally Useless Creativity Killer

self-deprecation has a special place in my heart

I come up with something cool and edgy that will appeal to Gmod’s playerbase, even if it’s cringey as fuck. Memes, names of anime characters, and verbify-ing nouns are all fair game. Coming up with the name is the most important part. It’s absolutely crucial to come up with the name right as you start the project, even if that means delaying actually working on the project until you’ve thought of your badass name. You could call it something temporary, like “Bullshit Buzzard”, or “Monad Crawdad” but that just doesn’t feel right. Then you’d have to rename your folder, your git repository, all your concommands, your domain that you bought for your project…

Fuck it, what am I saying. The only things I’ve released that have had any degree of success have stupid ass names. I guess I could recommend alliteration, if nothing else.

Use the names of people you enjoy. Could be celebrities, close relatives, etc.

I came up with STORM.
Hopefuly nobody steals that from me - it stands for Story and Theme Oriented Roleplay Mode

Thanks for all the help guys, took me about 2 freakin’ hours.