Command And Conquer models

Could some one make the command and conquer units? You might be able to port them from the FPS version of the game (but the textures would need to be edited) This is more of a request for my freind then for me.[/media]

I actually have the FPS version of the game, that would be C&C: Renegade. I just would need to dig it up, and figure out a way to grab the models. Preferably without using DXripper, as a lot of the units don’t show up till much later in the game, and I’ve already played through it twice before(lost my saves though, thus if I have to DX ripper the models I’d probably not get it done since I’d need to play through all the missions again).

I’d also like to wait till after the holidays to find the cd, as I don’t feel like poking random hack files when I could be hanging out with friends enjoying Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps someone else has the game and will beat me to it. If it falls to me, it’ll probably take me a few months at least to get around to it with all my other projects taking top priority.

I have never really played it, the FPS or the RTS. My friend is a big fan and introduced me to both of them and I play a bit whenever i go over to his house.

(in the FPS version during the tut level i find it funny how the one girl “teaches” you about medkits and taking damage)


((btw im NOD, which side yo play on?))

I play both single player campains in every game. In the FPS, you can only play as Commando for the GDI, and multiplayer for that one is pretty bad(the balance is terrible, at best), so I never play it anymore. But the game was fun, and I do recommend it, especally for hard core players cause setting it to Commando difficulty is basically like a 12 hour suicide run. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

For the RTSs, I’ve always usually been random sides. I don’t really do enough multiplayer to “choose a side”, and I tend to swap sides if I can see the map has better support for air, land, or sea units. Plus, I like playing on a team against CPUs, instead of against other players. I’m one of those odd Cooperative Online Gaming freaks I guess.

Part of the lack of multiplayer play is that all the newer C&C games require a cd for everyone, and thus me and my brother can’t really play together despite a perfectly good LAN. It just sucks that we need to pay full price twice just to run both copies at once. (And we’ve tried the boot the game, swap cd trick. It freezes the game up for some stupid copyright protection reason.)

Actually, my favorites have been either Red Alert 2(the original, before Yuri complicated things to hell and back, my favorite multiplayer side is France for the “grand cannon by the enemy base” tactic), and the Tiberium Sun series(where I like to play as GDI for the giant robots of pownage and disk troopers force fire bounce tricks). I haven’t played Red Alert 3 yet, and never really got back into playing pure C&C after playing Red Alert 2 with all the super cool futuristic random lazer stuff of doom.

Anyway, this is entirely off topic and random. :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend says that movie “Avatar”, all the human units are based off of C&C units (when a comercial came on he could name every one to it C&C counterpart)

That movie’s been in the making for 10 years how could it be based of of C&C

No just the shape of some of the human things

Like the walkers and the ships.

so basically you are requesting this:

(pictures from command and conquer renegade aka. FPS version)[/media]

I hope that was enough to destroy your dreams about this request

Nope, Like I said, The textures would need to be fixed up. But it may be possible to port from the RTS version Just make the models life size.

Nothing can destroy my dreams.

models ported from RTS tend to be incredibly shitty and low-poly

true but look at the second picture I posted. pretty good graphics.

at that size- if you scaled them to real size i bet you would see how shitty and low-res they are

again true.