Command and Conquer Roleplay - Under Development

-Under Development-

Some minor information on Gamemode mod:
-The game mode is going to be coded from scratch.
-Custom Command and Conquer models (including weapons, player models, GDI and Nod base buildings, and vehicles).
-Custom Maps, based on Command and Conquer theme.

Estimated Development Progress at time of this post:
Gamemode = 5%
Models = 30%
Maps = 0%

More information will be posted by me when i think it ready to post. Also, any whiney 10 year olds telling us to hurry up will get told to shut up. We WILL NOT rush this mod, rushing courses problems and makes a big mess of things.

ALSO asking for more information on the mod will not get you anywhere, this project is being kept mostly secret to prevent someone creating a rip-off version of our gamemode.

DO NOT pester the development team if you find out who any of them are, you will be wasting their valuable time!

A Website is currently being produced, i will post a link to it here when the site is up and running.

Best Regards

[CnC-RP] Kane

So… what is this thread for then? We’re not to ask questions so what do I do here?

You can ask, but i can’t guurantee an answer. Its basically an FYI topic.

I’m a bit confused.

Is it an RTS?

If so, high fives.

Its going to be FPS Roleplay (Like HL2RP for example), based in the Command and Conquer 3 era.

And are we able to build structures and stuff like that, or is it only RP? Is this only based on the story behind C&C?

Could you please give us some more background information? This made me curious… :smiley:

Need any more mappers? send me a PM :wink:

Bases will be premade, but completely destructable and repairable (Like C&C Renegade).

You will not be able to build bases and so forth, this will be primarily a First Person Shooter Roleplay, like C&C Renegade in nature.

We do not need any more additions to the Development team, thanks for the offer though.

Hmmm, yeah… I was hoping for an actual RTS gamemode to be built for garrysmod. In wich you could place buildings, attack eachother and the like.

But this sounds cool too. I really love the C&C series and I like the idea of having a cool roleplay with betweem Russia and the US. :slight_smile:

bookmarked :slight_smile:

Ok, though if a spot does come to the status of availability, I’ll be up for the task.

Red Alert wasnt set in the Tiberium era, despite the ending to the Russian Campaigns in RA1 with Kane assassinating Stalin.

It is something we could do in the future if CnC-RP takes off.

As for making an RTS gamemode for Garrys Mod, i wouldnt have the faintest idea where to begin.

DO note that the Roleplay isn’t between US and Russia (or the Allies and Soviet Union). It’s between the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defence Iniative. If your not sure what i’m going on about, then i’d advice you to have a browse through the CnC Wiki.

If any positions do become open, i will be coming back here to find someone suitable for that position in the Dev-Team.

Best Regards,

Just roleplay on CnC, that’s what I did.

Then I guess if someone wishes to do that then they can, but those games arent meant for individual roleplay. Where as, on here you can be right in the thick of the action, commanding a squad of the Elite Black Hand, or sitting it out in Civi street.

CnC-RP emphasises freedom of Roleplay, but how it does this you will have to wait and see.

This is truly awesome.
when you get people joining an RP server, all they want is a gun to shoot people.
now they can do that and not get banned.
Unless they’re complete Retards and shoot their own damn team. Will happen though, no doubts.

Will there be Vehicles?

CnC-RP is not all about shooting and killings, the roleplay is a bit more different than that. Otherwise it might as well just be a TDM modification which is pointless.

Vehicles will be added in the latter stages of the Beta. Flying vehicles like the GDI Orca or Firehawk will be added in the next version.

I was mostly stating that it’s a nice new way to tackle the mingebag’s.

I gather there will be ranks or something?

Yes, there will be three factions, not including the scrin. The scrin may be added in the next version of CnC-RP. Obviously the GDI and Nod are involved, and the 3rd faction is going to be Civilians. What their point and purpose is, for now will remain behind closed doors.

And of course, all mingebags will be hunted and destroyed.

Now i’m off to bed, feel free to leave your messages for me to answer tomorrow.

Best Regards,

funnily enough, a friend of mine and I are collaborating (sorta, more like sharing ideas) for a CNC based map…
I had some thoughts about making buildings pop up out of the ground, controlled from an admin room of course…

still working on it. I have a recognisable Nod Air Tower in the works, but I’m hitting problems with scale. should an air tower be several hundred feet high?

also experimenting with a laser fence, but the last test run crashed HL2 out :stuck_out_tongue:
beams too big and intense…

I’ve been wondering to myself if theirs a function in the stuff to make an entity always face a specific target or target type…read - obelisk of light. imagine taking an invisible intangible plate, set to track the nearest player within a set area, with a large laser entity attached to the plate, beam going out to a point outside the map so it passes through the ground. beam is aimed at the target, instant death to target. and so on and so forth.

my main design feature involved an underground build area for each base, then the exits are func_teleport pads inside the structures themselves. so you build a tank, drive it onto a platform in the build area, press a button and the whole thing teleports up to the war factory. where the doors open and it can be driven out.

tell me what you think…its WIP still of course. I’ll get back to you if/when I finish.


I can’t help you out there, this thread is not a mapping help. And we already have a very good idea of how the map will look, so I am afraid we won’t be requiring your help.

I like this idea if only I could bookmark it, wait I can
Also if you need a test server hosting for this I may be able to put one up for you by pulling some strings pm me if you are interested.
As a solid lover of the CNC series I can’t wait for the release of this.
Dreams of the possibilities.