Command and Conquer Roleplay - Under Development

We have the server hosting all planned, but thanks for the offer, and your bookmark!

An Obelisk could always be player controlled…fun for the player :smiley:

Controlled and abused probably. We will probably keep any Base Defences Auto-mated.

Hit a bit of a snag with the website so there is a chance it will not be up until next weekend, this will also slow down work on the game mode itself massively.

More news on this as i have it, and i apologise for the website delay for any of you who may well have been interesting in joining it.

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You should at least be able to move or control some small turrets in your faction’s base.

Which would be abused. In CnC Renegade they were automated defences. It’s alot simpler to Lua code an automated defence than it is to make one with a special aiming GUI for the turret (IMO).

sometimes there were cannon emplacements people could go in, that weren’t as strong but still useful in the cases of a destroyed powerplant

Dude, i cannot believe you are making this, this is freaking awesome, just like the own command and conquer 3.

Thanks for your support! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

I wasn’t so much asking for help as mentioning one of the problems I’ve noted for me. if anyone has a solution, PM me of course, don’t want to hijack the thread :stuck_out_tongue: or anything like that. Awesome stuff, any idea where I can learn to make automatic turrets like you mentioned? I have absolutely zilch experience in LUA…

as regards mapping, I was more thinking that if you have some specific stuff that you plan to implement for a map on this, I could probably refit my map to use it too, then as a mod, it’d work on mine. good to have a wider map-base :stuck_out_tongue:

and Bookmarked…
looking forwards to media,.like screenshots or whatever, even of models or parts of the map would be nice…see some progress…


EDIT: just realised that it says in the first post not to ask for more info
ah well, I can live in hope.

New information shall come when it is ready. As for media, we will probably post screenshots when we are playtesting the map and the script. And thanks for your bookmark, I am sorry I don’t know much about how to make auto turrets either.

Hi all

I have great news about the website. It should be online this weekend!

The forums will be open for public use when they have been constructed.

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I just had to say how excited about this I am, even though I got kicked from CnC-RP for reasons me and Kane have discussed (It was just a misunderstanding.) I have no grudge against this great team of people and really want people to back it, they can be trusted to follow their words with actions.

I have to say though, when you first decided to do this I wasn’t backing it, I wasn’t too convinced by the lack of information you provided the old members of CG who followed you, but your dedication towards this gamemode has been shown and I hope its going to turn out well.

Good Luck!

This looks very interesting. If you need any web designers or map makers the I can do both of those (although I’m probably better at web design, but I can still make maps).

Well, we do need a mapper who can do map scripting, but we do not need a web designer since i’ve already constructed a website. If you can do map scripting to a very good level, then feel free to add me on Steam Friends (my SF is [CnC-RP] Kane)and we can discuss a few things. We have already possibly got someone for that position so i cannot promise anything.

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Good luck Anton, excited to see it when it’s finished.

Hey wolly, thanks for the luck.

Will see you around on SF!

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Hmm I can’t do any map scripting, just making them look good =)

anything new done?