Command and Conquer Roleplay - Under Development

Development on everything except models has been stopped, since we are still waiting for the domain for the website.

I have great news! The [CnC-RP] website is now up and running!

The forums will however take a little bit more time to setup, so i’d appreciate it if just a little more patience was given.

Thanks and Best Regards.

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Good news everyone!

The forums are now open, and anyone can register! The steam group has also been made public, so feel free to join!

Now that the forums are up, work has been resumed,and we will be dedicating ourselves to the project at hand.

Link to the forum:

If you want more information, I strongly suggest you join the forums.

Your guys’ website seems to be down a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you need a new host =D

It’s a glitch in the companies billing system. Sorry about it.

Do not worry, the website and forums are up again. I am extremely sorry about them being down before, that was due to circumstances beyond our control. Feel free to register! If you have any questions about CnC-RP, feel free to post them in the FAQ section in the forums. Here is the link to the forums again:

Heh, I haven’t posted yet, but here I am now.

Thank you all for taking interest in the project!

We are looking for Mappers now, but we will however be having a competition for it.

So, if you are a competent Map Maker and wish to join the CnC-RP Dev Team as a Mapper, then go to our forums and register.

The Competition will start taking Applicants later this week.

Announcement topic:

Best Regards,

bout time somone made a c&c mode for gmod im prety sure this will be great but im kinda disapointed thats its in tiberium wars instead of tiberium sun all in all i hope it come out perfect

will you be using the tiberium mod? so people can start a business mining it, then sell it on to a military group or sumthin? cos that wud be friggin awesome! even if u dont do that shit at least include the tiberium mod!

Is anyone still alive out here? D: