Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Nod Soldier Model/NPC

Hello, I was wondering if someone could take the time to recreate the classic Brotherhood of Nod Light Infantryman from Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun

If you do not know what the trooper looks like, Here is some reference links

speaking of tiberian, if we’re doing command and conquer…

i would love to see this done, the helmet anyway not much reference for anything else.

look at black light

yes, ive seen those… aren’t really that detail mostly just smooth to hell but that may be because they were extracted from ports.

i don’t even think there is a chance in hell raws are still floating around.

the extracted models are exactly the same as the raw models. (in some cases with different rigging). I’d know, as I’ve extracted and ported quite a few. As far as the helmet goes, something like that would be done with a normal map anyway, and can easily be done with one by hand if you so desire.

Well, the Nod Helmet DOES exist although it is a Hex for the TF2 Soldier, Found it on and uploaded it to the Workshop so others can see that gem. I just want to see a TibSun Nod Soldier model for Gmod, That General Vega dude from Tiberium on Gmod, or both.

Yeah, i saw your ports… only helmets! i had down to track down another port because of that.

I don’t think theres any body of the character from the game. its Extremely Horrible + Bad Textures. some would need to make the model again, unless u want the model 0.o. but ive done it before.

you’d need to spawn model in C&C’s World Builder
Then use 3D Ripper?
Ninja doesn’t work. only for buildings it works on…
use that, import the model into 3ds max. or whatever it supports. Rescale it (fix the Scale Problems)

then ur good to go.

sadly this game doesn’t exist, god of pro’s it was a first person shooter that didn’t meet EA high standards so it wouldn’t really be ninja ripped more so a entire model from scratch.

you tried right.


i’ll link you to the wiki page

What? this isn’t C&C 3?

lol. I thought it was.Well, I don’t have the game. I tried it on C&C 3. it was pretty bad.

Someone could take this helmet Uncle Crusty mentioned and hack it onto a generic sci fi body since the helmet is the only thing exceptional about the outfit.

Wiki Entry.

That is the same helmet that i placed on the Workshop, Just FYI.