Command and Conquer - Tiberium Sunrise roleplay!

Hello facepunchers!

I want to talk to you all about a new community me and a few friends are starting up, which we have set during the first Tiberium war in the Command and Conquer universe. Currently, all of our related content is being ported from a FPS modification, and our script, which is DarkRP is being configured by me. We’re currently looking to get admins and are looking for people who are both dedicated and have a thorough understanding of the CnC universe! This is the map we currently use, rp_cityx_013. It’s a wartorn city that fits the atmosphere of command and conquer perfectly.

We also have a website up,

And our server can be found here:



i hope everyone likes those models!

Hmm looks neat, pretty original idea.

Thank you my great canadian land friend thought it up and i helped him alot with it.

he is a great guy