Command & Conquer renagde

i love the wepons and vehicles in Renegade and love to see a programer try to inport theem in to garrys mod.if anyone can make this happen pls try and never give up. what u say is impossible will be possible sooner or later so make it sooner. be the one that climbs the higest mounten.

How about you learn to type first and THEN request something?
Seriously, “rednaged” what the fuck is this? It’s Renegade.
And as much as I love Command & Conquer ** RENEGADE **, the weapons wouldn’t fit in Garry’s Mod.

every one as a word they cant spell comin thang and i typed it to fast.
i have seen some wepons place in to gmod that fit in less then C&C : Renegade wepons do. Renegade wepons are close to css wepons.

Half of the stuff you write isn’t spelled correctly, and there is only one sentence.

i have a habit of saying every thang in one line.

You’re simply too dumb…
I’m out of here.

Shut up and type properly.

CS:S weapons are nothing like Renegade weapons.

All the Renegade weapons are practically in Gmod already. Just not the same model but they do pretty much the same things.

the only one i have not seen is the acid flame througher


all games are difrent but some have the same base in the wepons renegade and css both have wepons like the sinper rifel. so its not compley none compatibel with gmod. is what i was saying.

Seriously, how can we take you seriously?

easy grow a brian.

a brian?

nvm. it seems to me that i get all the none thankers on my posts.