Command for increase graphics?

I everyone!
My problem is different than other, do you know the command for increase graphics? Not FPS but graphics, i have a VERY GOOD computer, and i would like to play with wonderfull ROCKs.

And i have another problem, when i launch the game, i must all the time, type commands :frowning: Like “grass.on true”… ect

Thanks to you!

Can you not just use the pause menu? You can drag the slider along to increase render quality.

Well for one, I also have a really freaking great computer, but I like to turn off the grass since I can see more :wink:

Well just drag the slider to the far right and it’ll be set at the max available. Then manually turn grass off.

The game seems to look much better after the update on my high end pc.

Yeah I think they reworked some of the textures - still at work so I need to check it out later!

Thanks :slight_smile: but my graphics slide is already at max :smiley:
but the shadows, the motion blur and antialiasing seem to me low compared to other players (youtube video or other…)
If you know commands about that :smiley:
And the command of the update (18th) Render distance, what is better?

thats my config try it it looks real cool
the command for antialiasing and antosotropic is = 1
render.aa 1

grass.on True
grass.forceredraw False
grass.displacement False
grass.disp_trail_seconds 10
grass.shadowcast False
grass.shadowreceive False
input.mousespeed 5
input.flipy False
input.bind Left A None
input.bind Right D None
input.bind Up W None
input.bind Down S None
input.bind Jump Space None
input.bind Duck LeftControl None
input.bind Sprint LeftShift None
input.bind Fire Mouse0 None
input.bind AltFire Mouse1 None
input.bind Reload R None
input.bind Use E None
input.bind Inventory Tab None
input.bind Flashlight F None
input.bind Laser G None
input.bind Voice V None
input.bind Chat Return T
render.level 100
render.frames -1
render.vsync True
render.distance 1 1
render.aa 1 100
sound.volume 100
gfx.ssaa true
gfx.shafts true
gfx.damage true
gfx.bloom True
gfx.grain True
gfx.ssao True
gfx.tonemap True
water.level -1
water.reflection True
footsteps.quality 2

what is with your settings someone has better cfg ?

type “”