Command for 'v_model' bodygroup change?

Hello. In first place, I wanna say that although I’ve purchased Garry’s Mod I still prefer old non-Steam version, as I got extremely mad since that 13 update which broke some addons. I find FA:S 2 SWEPs very atractive but it wouldn’t run correctly on the version I’m using so I ported the models on GMOD 12 Mad Cow’s base by my own, and I got to say that I’m very satisfied with that; even can display both empty and non-empty reload animations.
The problem is that there’s no way I can use sleeves rig for view models. Have tried much stuff like copy&pasting autorun clientside Lua and then typing specific console commands (‘fas2_handrig 1’/ fas2_handrig_applynow’) without luck.
I decompiled the weapon ‘v_models’ for supressing no rig .SMD manually but when I recompile it’s all messed up. If I remember well, the concrete bodygroups are called something like ‘ref_hand_blue’ and ‘ref_hand_red’; so what I basically need some function, command or whatever that changes the default selected option in-game.

Any ideas? :frowning:

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Purchase the game. On Steam.

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Most likely using features that were added in the new version.

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Use the new version, it will work then :slight_smile:

New version gives me freezing all time and some of my favourite addons get broken; also, I hate depending on suckish Steam platform which consumes more resources and pisses me off continuously with useless updates. Last thing I’d do in life to deposit my appreciated time on Steam hostered game. Why do you think I switched to non-Steam when Garry’s Mod 13 came up?
Wouldn’t be asking for hand rig alternate form of activation if not, since of course FA:S 2 SWEP’s even got a GUI for controlling hand rig on GMOD 13. Do you even read well my posts? go troll somewhere else already… seriously?

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