"Command, is there anyone else working in this sector...?"

**"I only ask, because, uh…

Three says he can hear humming."**


Oh shit I dig the silhouette in the back.

I love the atmosphere of this.

That is some pretty great work, Cone. I was gonna say something about the emptyness on the right, but that silhouette fills it fine.

“Ok Delta squad, let me check the roster here…no, so…hey what’s that screaming sound? Delta? Whoops.” I would shoot first and ask questions later.

Is this some sort of dead space reference? Like the tapes of that janitor guys that you find aboard the USG Ishimura in dead space 2 where he hears the scratching and humming all around him.

I was thinking more of an audio log from Doom 3 when I made this, but DS2 is worth making a reference to anyways, so why not.

Nice one Cone, lovely posing and atmosphere.

You know I always wondered why a co-op horror game hasn’t been made where the game will purposely make one player hear or see things the others don’t. Take turns messing with everyone before everything goes crazy.

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This is great BTW.

Cocyx, the guy who ported AoM to Sven Co-Op, toyed with the idea somewhat. I’m not sure if the servers are still running it though, which is a shame because I don’t think he ever revealed how he ported AoM.

Yeah I saw videos where he messes with players. I just wish there was an actual game built around that idea.

This is awesome, Cone.

Dead Space 3’s co-op has exactly what you’re looking for, and lots of it.