Command line for server

I edited my command line and now my server wont start lol can anyone tell me what I did wrong lol

-batchmode +server.ip +server.port 28016 +server.level “Procedural Map” +server.seed 06272014 +server.worldsize “6500” +server.maxplayers 50 +server.hostname “Hidden Trees|35x Gather|Insta|TP|Homes|Remove|Air|BetterLoot|Events|&More” +server.identity “1218134” +rcon.ip +rcon.port 28018 +rcon.password 1218134 +query_port 28017 -load

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only change from this time and pre update is the the world seed and worldsize… is the number to high for seed? or maybe cant start with a 0? I’ll remove the 0

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works now that I made seed 62714