Command needed

Whats the command to list addons?

-snip, I was wrong-

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I was asking, asking question now makes you gay, and what’s wrong with gays? When did I give information anyway? Asking a question does not give information.

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You’re not very specific.

Theres a command in garrys mod (server) which lists all the addons in the addons folder which are currently loaded. Ive been looking and needing this for a while now. Googled it nothing. cvarlisted it nothing…

Ah, makes sense, sorry about my first post in this thread, I was still wrong.


Your thread is now there.

Wow, way to be a douchebag.

As for your problem, i can’t help you, are you sure it was vanilla Garry’s mod?


At the top of the page :rolleyes:

Still, No reason to act like a dick, just tell him nicely instead of being a prick.

You could of just PM’ed a moderator.

Well. He has made 3 things about the same thing, 2 in the same section, I don’t know, I guess I just don’t like people that are lazy.