Command prompt module binary.

I love you.

Is there a Unix version of this? To run OS console commands.

I haven’t really tested it thoroughly, but it should work fine. The function is cmd.exec( str ).

If this works well, you are my new favorite person!

Also, do I just need the “cmd.exec( str )” or all of the lua file OP posted, modified for unix instead of dos? I’m a lua noob.

Example of the use.

[lua]concommmand.Add(“cmd_exec”, function( p, c, a )
cmd.exec(tostring(a[1])) // a[1] refers to a (forced) string; IE somethimg like “ping”.

If anyone comes here from a google search wondering the same thing I am, with the same skill level I have, this is what you are looking for.
Christaster’s gm_cmd_linux.dll module: gm_cmd_linux.dll
Example lua script “cmd.lua”

function WriteFile()
	cmd.exec("echo 'test' >> /home/gmod/test.txt")
 concommand.Add( "test_com" , WriteFile )

Would someone be so kind as to repost the windows binary? I unfortunately lack the ability to compile the posted source. Thank-you.