Command Prompt

Substitute for console, mainly made as a learning experience, and for fun.

CREDITS: 90% - Jova (Creating this/idea)
5% - thomasfn (Helping with command execution)
5% - iRzilla (Helping fix the code)


  1. Drop the “Command Prompt” folder in to your addons folder.
  2. If you would like to bind the Command Prompt menu to a key, please type “bind KEY prompt” in console, or of course the command prompt ^_^.


Nice. But if possible, add a context menu with some simple commands such as “map X” or “god” or “noclip” it goes on for ages. Overall. Nice.

ok, and thanks :slight_smile:


I’m adding an Admin Command Prompt menu, with those kinds of things, Activeellis.


Also, Fixed the download link. It linked to another dl that I had by mistake.

Does it have an auto-complete ? That would be very useful !

Why not just use console?

Good work though.

Maybe it works like rcon? If it did, that’d be handy. Maybe.