Command to mute users.

Lately chat is crazy. As a general chat, sometimes very chaotic trying to read a conversation. Possibility of mutes would have people doing spam, or enable chat by proximity?

It would be nice to have ability to block some troublesome users from chat or voice chat.

i agree; some players spam ruthlessly in chat.

+1 for this. Mute functionality would go a long way

Please add this. No more CRTL V spammers. If they want to come by and yell at me in the world, I am all for it but I don’t need my screen to be filled with someone spamming the whole screen about their love of young boys.

Sooo many to mute o.o

First thing I do is turn off text chat. I haven’t run into many voice spammers though. I did have a couple of guys attack me while one played the Mortal Kombat theme though, but that was more funny than anything else.

Like twitter, create a block command that allows u to select players whose chat you no longer wish to see.

lol That would be pretty awesome. The closest to this I’ve seen so far is when my buds and I take off after an air drop. I usually play the Benny Hill theme song over voice chat as we’re frantically running towards it.

But I agree. A way to block the chat spam would be nice.

I would love to be able to mute players in general chat, this is a must have for admins and worked great in legacy if you had the mod.