"Command, we located a survivor"

He shot her incase you’re confused


So he shot a survivor why?

Cover-up maybe?

I can see this being the results of a secret testing of a biological or thermal weapon on a town and the black ops are acting as a Clean-up crew.

either that or it was a Terrorist attack.

Close. More or less they’re a purification squad killing everything that moves after an outbreak.

Why the fuck does it matter?
Do we really need a fucking backstory to a picture?
Make your own.

The pistol is a bit wrongly posed. But heres a pallet for you.

Calm the fuck down Jesus.

The pistol is fine, it’s the way his fingers are posed that make it look odd

Cause I’m so fucking raged cause I fucking said fuck twice.
Holy fuck. Let’s slow these fuckin’ horses the fuck down.

No, I was just being curious.
Fuck is easily used in normal tones, please don’t assume heated discussion.

The pistol is fine, however there’s clipping with the middle finger.

every1 calm da sheez down, ths just a picture

Love the uniform.