Commander Bill leading a rag-tag force.

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Stitched that bitch.


Oh and guess the reference. :v:

Pic needs shadows,contrast,light,anything. Its a bit bland.

we WERE marines?

I think that it wouldve been much better with a night scene and a few pew pew lasers here and there

We were soldiers?

I guess no one watched it.

The posing is very awesome, could use better lighting tho.

Bill looks like he has no neck.

Holy shit, awesome :buddy:

Those ragdolls are huge in comparison to their actual heads…

It have to be we were soldiers with Mel Gibson

Sweet posing. I think the gunship should be more central though.


surprise! facepunch has no taste in movies, more at six

all of you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. you are all fucking worthless. we were soldiers is one of the greatest movies ever made and it kicks the living shit out of whatever alpha-male fuckheadery you kids probably classify as a ‘good war movie’.

Dude calm down.

sorry did i ask you for your opinion on what i should do? i don’t recall it. maybe i’m going senile in my old age.

You must be going through that ‘magical’ time that women go through once a month.

i exist in a permanent state of “i am too fucking sick of putting up with this shit”, that might explain it

Is the reference mass effect?

I forgot to mention that this picture needs more zombies.