Commander commanding his squad

im sorry about the darkness, hes supposed to be making a waving motion but when i used sdof it made the map really dark, is there a fix to this?

Turn off the HDR, switch to bloom instead. Awesome posing and it got that “clean” feeling, nice job.

eh ya did good kid

~kim jong il reported dead, son now takes over political power to restore sexually transmitted disease rates

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to be honest, i like the slight darkness

because it has CSS models.
“an elegant set of models… for a more civilized age.”

Great lighting.

How can gign, swat, and itlian police work together?

It works in CS :stuck_out_tongue:

Also oddly enough I like these models more than most of the COD models. They just look a lot nicer. The darkness actually does fit the atmosphere though.

uh what

there’s GIGN, Seal Team Six, and GSG9 there

no SWAT or Italians

looks cool.